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Hello! You can call me Wren!

I'm a gamer gal in my mid 40s who loves:

- learning to play

I've been a long-time player (since UO), though I've spent the most time in - and I blog quite a bit about gaming and geek topics!

You can find several of my long-term projects online including web fiction, fan sites, and webcomics. Check out my linktree to see what all I've been up to!

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Chapter 83 begins today! The new chapter page also has some new features - page indicators and a table of contents for quick jumping to pages within the comic!

June 2020 Archive

It was the month of experimenting with much crime and posing. It was also the second year anniversary of Spot of Mummery.

April 2020 was another more quiet month for blogging, but we did get announcements of flying in ARR areas and MSQ consolidation!

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One of the most requested features on Mastodon is a built-in language translation system, where you can click on a post and it automatically translates it into your language.

If this is important to you, and if you are comfortable using Github, please give this issue a thumbs up to let the developers know that this feature is wanted:

(I thought this was already being worked on, but I cannot find any official announcements saying this.)

#Mastodon #Translation #Translations #Translate #Languages

Celebrating 4 Years of Mummery
Talking about the Endwalker lore bomb, social media switching, site development and long-term story writing!

Spot of Mummery turns 4 years old today and I have just launched a creative at - more on all of this later!

May 2020 was a quieter blogging month, but it was also the month we first play Raft and when I got my first blue rose in Animal Crossing!

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If you have an independently hosted WordPress blog, you can turn it into a Fediverse server by installing the WordPress ActivityPub plugin. This means people can follow your blog from Mastodon etc.

Here's how to do it:

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard's Plugins section, click "add new" and search for "ActivityPub" . Click "install now" on the plugin, and when it has finished installing, click "activate".

2. On the WordPress dashboard, go to the "Users" section. Click on your username and scroll to the bottom to find your Fediverse address. Share this address with whoever wants to follow your blog on Mastodon etc.

3. To alter the plugin's settings, on your WordPress dashboard go to Settings > ActivityPub

If you want to switch off or remove the plugin, go to "plugins", then "deactivate" or "delete".

NOTE: This plugin only works with independently hosted WordPress sites. It doesn't work with free accounts on

#FediTips #Fediverse #ActivityPub #WordPress

What was happening in June 2020? A good bit of and I got my Linden Cabin in


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