Storm is trending more south now, so we hopefully will avoid a direct hit!

Looking at the 'storm surge inundation' map on the national weather service's site, I think we'll be okay, but I'm still scared to death and I think I'll be better off with my dad and fam.

Looks like I'm gonna be going to my stepmom's place with my dad. It's a little more inland so should be safer, plus I'll feel better with my family around me. I feel awful for abandoning my roommate but she's right, I gotta make the choice. Shitty hard choice though. :(

There's a decent chance my house will flood from Hurricane Ian, which is... not great. I'm very very stressed out and scared. :(

Hi yes can someone do something about the big scary hurricane headed my way? No? Well shit.

Not me checking for updates about my package (my computer charger) at one in the morning like it'll make any difference.

Desk cleaning tip: Cleaning your keyboard causes less chaos on your computer when you switch it off before cleaning it.

Computer peripherals tip: If something does not work, make sure you did not switch it off.

Every time I think about putting a funny bumper sticker on my crappy car I think of how it would look if I was like obliterated by a semi and there’s still a little “keep homking im too gay to hear you” stuck to the wreckage

I have suffered a barely functional computer for the past day or so because Dell Inspiron laptops are built with faulty power cords and I'm waiting on a new one (to arrive Friday thank heaven).

The drawback to having an iced pumpkin spice latte the other day is that now I'm craving the damn stuff lol.

My mom bought me an Iced Pumpkin Spiced Latte today. And it was fan-freaking-tastic. :D

now i can share this drawing i did for o.ocyte on instagram for their new single :~)

been using krita...i keep doing photoshop hotkeys out of habit and it kills me everytiem

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