So, I just learned with QRSS I can send "<callsign> QAPLA LLAP".

I highly doubt anyone has tried to contact me, but if you have by email my MX record for got messed up...


I wrote this about Roe. Shit is going crazy... the US is fucked.

Half the battle is learning to disregard some risks.

I love how in modern capitalist societies *taking a vacation* is code for *I have other stuff to do than this job*.

We get all proud about having more sunshine than any other state... except for the day I decided to build a fucking sundial.


"Biden says there is nothing he can do to help with gas and food prices"

You could invoke the Defense Production Act like you did for a bunch of other things and help get food and public transportation to communities who need it. You just don't want to.

@thegibson Is it brittle in all directions? Or one (like spring steel)?

I have to print a replacement gear for an old Waco slot machine...

Remember to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Images of woodcraft in a shop 

I need to clean up my shop... And a couple projects I did since disappearing.

positive stoner affirmation 

you can't spell "weed" without "we"

Selfies, eye contact 

I cut off most of my hair... And apparently developed Gowron eyes...

So Liberals, when Democratic candidates start losing midterm elections, are you going to blame this on Russia?
Or possibly:

Not cancelling student debt
No M4a
Cutting pandemic assistance
Increasing military spending
Not restoring lost LGBTQIA+ protections
No $2k stimulus
Skyrocketing Inflation
Not raising the minimum wage
Increasing ICE funding
Increasing Police funding
More tax breaks for the 1%

So who is to blame this time around?

Mahjong needs to make a comeback in the world. I play it every day with my kiddos, and it's fantastic. (I also love Mahjong...)

We have a time where we're all stretching our cognitive "muscles" and to just sit and hang out for about an hour every afternoon.

Doesn't even really have to be mahjong, can be other card/tile games. My point is, find something to do with your loved ones every day, or every week, or however often you can.

Life is fleeting. Enjoy it.

Security PSA: Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Assessments are *NOT* the same thing.

One more time:


Stop assuming that one will give you the information that the other gives.

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