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you can't spell "weed" without "we"

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I cut off most of my hair... And apparently developed Gowron eyes...

So Liberals, when Democratic candidates start losing midterm elections, are you going to blame this on Russia?
Or possibly:

Not cancelling student debt
No M4a
Cutting pandemic assistance
Increasing military spending
Not restoring lost LGBTQIA+ protections
No $2k stimulus
Skyrocketing Inflation
Not raising the minimum wage
Increasing ICE funding
Increasing Police funding
More tax breaks for the 1%

So who is to blame this time around?

Mahjong needs to make a comeback in the world. I play it every day with my kiddos, and it's fantastic. (I also love Mahjong...)

We have a time where we're all stretching our cognitive "muscles" and to just sit and hang out for about an hour every afternoon.

Doesn't even really have to be mahjong, can be other card/tile games. My point is, find something to do with your loved ones every day, or every week, or however often you can.

Life is fleeting. Enjoy it.

Security PSA: Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Assessments are *NOT* the same thing.

One more time:


Stop assuming that one will give you the information that the other gives.

It's that time again! Pause for a moment and just breathe.

stalkerware = malware
stalkerware = malware
stalkerware = malware
stalkerware = malware
stalkerware = malware
stalkerware = malware
stalkerware = malware
stalkerware = malware
stalkerware = malware
stalkerware = malware
stalkerware = malware
stalkerware = malware

I will be releasing all of them free under the CNPLv7 (Non-violent public license with no commercial use except for worker cooperatives). So my budget is low... but I will absolutely give editing credits...

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I'm starting a series of 10-20 page pamphlets on Information Security. Would anyone be willing to proof some 2500 word chunks for reality-checking and general readability? (Doesn't have to be *editing* I just want someone to peruse them)

We do Nutrient Film hydroponics...

That's the only NFT I need in my life.

Quake Champions is more fun than I expected it to be.


We spend 40 hours of a week working, and roughly 40 hours sleeping. We spend the remaining 20 hours of the "work week" dealing with the existential crises that come from the 40 hours of work. Much of the 40 hours of sleep is interrupted by the 40 hours of work.

We get 48 hours of time we're *allowed* to not think about work.

Capitalism is fucking abhorrent. Who wants to give up 5/7ths of their life for this bullshit?

Ok, I have realized that Golf Balls would have been a better choice than blood oranges... those vary in size too much.

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My lymph nodes are the size of freaking blood oranges what the hell happened last night?!

Hackers.town is doin' it again.

I was going to start a new t-shirt fundraiser to try to recoup the remaining costs of server upgrades for this joint... But then Europe got complicated.

I don't need these funds, I'll be fine without them, but the people of Ukraine need all the help they can get.

We are selling these t-shirts, I think they are pretty cool. You can also donate to the fundraiser at the same page even if you don't want a shirt.

All proceeds from this sale will be donated to UNICEFUSA, with an earmark for aiding Ukrainian children and families displaced by this unspeakable violence and betrayal.

We as a community have been mighty, now it's time to be mighty for someone else, again.

Be the rust upon their gears... indeed.


Wanted Pancakes from scratch... My tired ass brain searched *DIY Pancakes*. It worked... But I need more caffeine...

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