someone from two suburbs away somehow printed their resume on my printer lol

like sure u can do that but if i need something done in a hurry suddenly it shits itself

ugh why does fandom wiki have to be so shit, why cant i load up a single page without having to close three windows. one of which is a video for a completely unrelated page

why the hell is Your Favorite Martian coming back lmao

am i insane or is it normal to assume that when someone offers to "drive you to your doctor's appointment" you'll get a ride back?

man today’s perfect lol its nice and rainy and iv got no work to do i can just zone out and play stardew or something

asfafadafsfsfdf i didnt know there was gonna be a klonoa remaster!!

Concept art for a potential character in :0

I designed them on stream once

there’s literally nothing to do in my city T^T

idk why im such a lurker i wish i was able to post more regularly than i do


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