Moonknight is the only live action character I've been reading fan fic about (and that's a FIRST for me), its just fluff

and just fanfic featuring Moonknight, Steven, and Marc not Oscar Issac himself

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I think I may be falling for the moon knight dude, Idk I think but that's just a game theory..

update on the Myanmar food thing, I actually like Myanmar food, Shan noodles are prolly' my fave...
thank you for coming to my TED talk

I finally saw the sonic movie, it was pretty good, I don't know what that Arlo dude was talkin' about, the ending with the baseball and ice cream was really cute too, who can get mad at that?!?!

Pic semi unrelated

oh yeah that song i told you about? that wasn't a music rec (recommendation). that was a music REQ (REQUIREMENT). u HAVE to listen to it.

just to clarify I ain't mad about this, it's just kind of random, but that's my brother for you..oof

Myanmr food be lookin' good btw

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You guys ever thought "All I'm going to do today is read some manga and watch some anime" but then suddenly your brother calls, and now its "I guess I'm gonna go to a Myanmar restaurant and go see Sonic 2 after" yeah? well, that's happening to me...oof!

Back at it again with more 3D stuff, making an iso scene (I might try to make this a walkable/interactable scene in unity if I can, but I'm only human oof)
I focused on working on the shelf and the sign in session

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