i really need a way to capture footage from a camera in godot b/c obs runs so slow i cant accurately record this animation T_T

my tiny binder came to complete my stationary haul, spent last night deciding what stickers to put all over it >:33 (i am far from done…)

at my second funeral within two months i think ive had enough for a while 😬

<User Sentimental eXperience- Issue4. It’s like I’m driving on an endless highway.>

Hello all, hope you had a nice summer. My skin is still a bit tanned, but now I can sense that the air is cooled down.

Today I want to present the 4th issue of User Sentimental eXperience :-)

In the new issue I wanted to question about scrolling down, which is one of the most common user mechanisms.

Today most of the contents on the digital interface are super linearly laid. I can just scroll down to see things and it seems so easy. But then I often feel I lose myself while repeating the same finger movements. I mean, I don’t have that many choices. A scrolling bar at the right side implies that I must lead myself to the down side. It doesn't really ask me what and how I wanna do though. It rather says I must do it.

I often think it's like I’m driving on an endless highway. It doesn’t have obstacles but weirdly I’m getting oblivious of things.

This way of navigation is so-called ‘intuitively’ designed, but then I'm not sure if this considers our diverse intuitions and choices enough.

I’d be glad if you let me know what you think :)

Here is the link:

Any feedback/critique is welcome. Thank you very much and have a great day.

happy hardcore *becomes happier & harder of core*

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