my custom start page is *almost* there but i havent been able to find a cool notes/sticky app to embed in it >:-/ (u CAN technically embed google docs in an iframe but it sucks ass) also second guessing the 3 columns layout vs just one column.. HMM

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@cinni This is so damn cool Cinni! I have to do something alike too

@cinni this is so much fun! are you designing it yourself from scratch? I really wanted to make a protopage, but I didn't in the end really want real-world news and the widgets they had available. Designing my own startpage tho? Really delicious idea!

@haptalaon @J4YC33 thank u!! i took a look at protopage too, but figured it would be easy enough to design a simple one myself 🥴 the links are to my most common pages i visit & the search bar is using duckduckgo. i also found a free weather widget (i will have to dig for the source!) and the “news” section on the side are just rss feeds from various news sites & my guestbook feed. i use this free widget->

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