making desktop icons!! which program should i do next? :3

i started uploading pngs of the icons i've made so far! will release .ico set w/ different sizes when im finished ^.^

@cinni Those are adorable, Firefox would look so good in that style!

@cinni Will there be a linux compatible set? I'm sure someone here on fedi knows how to make linux icons if not and would be happy to convert them!

@kingdomcome would love to do that! which file type is preferred for linux? i was planning to release them as .ico files ^-^

@cinni @kingdomcome AFAIK Linux desktop can usually take .png and .svg. The problem is that it actually works using "icon packs" that have a specific folder structure. Here's the specification:

If you're not familiar with it, I would suggest publishing the icon in a permissive enough license for somebody else to do it. The advantage of it is that it doesn't require manually changing each icon in the desktop, the disadvantage being that it requires more effort to create. =)

@cinni is my favorite

also visual studio code if you don't mind
@cinni vscode, calibre, signal, libreoffice, mpv, telegram and obs are other program you could draw too :cirno_freeman:

@cinni I wonder what your spin on my app icon for "Rhapsode" would be?

Its an auditory browser I'm actively building...

@cinni My friend really likes them! When will they be available?

@cinni GemiNaut, Lagrange, Telegram, Firefox. Most importantly though these are ADORABLE! 💖🌷🍥💮🌸

@cinni I think a cute command prompt logo would be pretty cool!

@cinni stuff I'd love to see: firefox, hexchat, terminal, godot, qbittorrent, and keepass!

@polychrome @cinni Telegram, Tor Browser, gajim, libre office, GNU cash

@cinni If you're looking for bulk suggestions...

desktop programs: GIMP, Firefox, Visual Studio Code, OBS, Paint.NET, Unreal Engine, Godot, Pico8, Terminal, Hexchat

mobile programs: Mastodon, Baconreader (Reddit), Google Chat, YouTube, YouTube Music

@cinni adorable! A few people asked already for some I had in mind

libre office, viekk tablet, zoom, sticky notes, calculator, voice recorder

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