okay this person seems cool.

i´m glad someone is joking about this. seriously the whole fandom online drama is ridiculous

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okay, it´s a parody. it says dni if you're a black bulter fan but then below it says dni if you hate black butler

and then in gives random ages, i´m a minor I´m 22 actually..

it had me going there, not gonna lie

god I still have a long way to go on healing from fandom toxicity., I almost got spooked

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maybe it is maybe it´s not. maybe this this a very dedicated satirist, or maybe satire is dead I don´t know

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I promise you I do not go out of my to find this stuff, it was only accident but holy moly I found the motherload of DNIs lists, not on twitter, not on tumblr, not even on a Carrd.

On Neocities.

To describe such a beast of a list, to the point I would take several minutes scrolling it to read it all.

Please tell me this is a parody

whelp I´ve made a bit more progress in child of light...

I completed the forest garden sidequest and unlocked a new party member: Noah, who helps with speed buffs

No really, these people will treat an age gap between two adults or two teenager with only one year of difference as the worst thing ever.

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Lol, they're the reason why i now have a pro-fiction safe space stamp on my horror monster themed website.

I have little tolerance for puritanical "faux-horror" fans

rip Beyblade fansites, you´ve done more for my sexuality and gender more than a sex ed book every did.
You will be sorely missed

It took me having to recall every medieval style movie to solve this... until I saw the third hint lol

Framed #107
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Update 0.4.9: added some new flags as well as links to the flags page under our creations! :3 kotatsus.neocities.org/updates

has fandom culture gotten more puritanical or is it just me?

yes! finally a game I can get behind.
Wordle for movie nerds

Framed #104
🎥 🟥 🟥 🟩 ⬛ ⬛ ⬛


ok new idea. I take out some of the links (with banners) on my link page and put their banners in my side bar instead

I treat rare cool bugs like I treat shiny pokemon.
I get really excited And i will everything i can to capture it for my pokedex... I mean photo collection

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