i think i have site layout up to standards now the challenge is to decide A) the background, B)the font. C) a cute graphic or too

decisions, decisions

For the first time in all my years living in this town....
I saw a Rat, a big one. This was your small field mouse oh no...

It was a big, a rat running in the middle of the commercial street.
And I was amazed.

Hello! You can call me Wren!

I'm a gamer gal in my mid 40s who loves:

- learning to play

I've been a long-time player (since UO), though I've spent the most time in - and I blog quite a bit about gaming and geek topics!

You can find several of my long-term projects online including web fiction, fan sites, and webcomics. Check out my linktree to see what all I've been up to!


turns out the website of the SCP foundation has been hacked by the Russian federation. Fuck
Thankfully the articles are still safe

good news, I think i´m getting the hang of this flexbox thing

but now I have a new problem...
how to make the side bar go down for smaller screens instead of smooching my main content :catscream:

and I´m pretty sure my code is a mess

My theory about Serial experiments lain?
It was ALIENS it was all aliens

i´m trying to build a website layout and i have know idea what the fuck am I doing.
like how do I center everything on this site?

Im watching serial experiments lain for the very first time and i have no clue what the fuck is going on.

This anime is like twin peaks level wtfuckery

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