Due to supply chain issues we will have to make do with 35% Metal Alchemist

I'm always doing laundry. Except for when I'm doing dishes, which is ceramic laundry.

I don't want to do anything for a living. I want to do things and I want to live

Try to improve your skill at being bad at things. When you try something new, you start out being bad at it. Most people, especially as they become adults, don't like being bad at things.

By reducing aversion to being bad at things, you find it easier to try new things, and become good at more things.

Beginner's mind.

Trying to learn how to knit and I forgot my eyes are actually only ment for looking at screens

been reading hataraki man and im just in looove with moyoco anno's art. anyways i felt inspired to draw gyaru oc

Apps/websites for free manga? I know where to get free books but not manga :(

I have been updating my logs on my site if anyone cares to lurk

minimator.app i bet you could approximate a lot of *very* cool vector work with just this

I am so sick of people acting like electric vehicles are the solution to climate change

omg dying

"But even if everything else goes right, there is one thing no group of online free market weirdos have ever been able to agree on. Once the topic is even mentioned within a group of libertarian men, it will cause so much infighting and drama that it inevitably destroys the community and implodes whatever shared goal they were trying to accomplish. And that topic is, of course, age of consent laws."


I finally have a vision for my art website…now I have to get to work (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

the way that all these crypto people are so attached to the idea that they have created a community is such a cry for help. Capitalism has stripped away all of our sense of community to the point where the word community is used as a way to market an idea. They buy in simply because they are lonely and want something to attach to, people to talk with, and a way to feel like they are apart of something. I hate it, but I get it.

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