reading kanji, turning words over and over in my head, remembering my Malice Mizer days...the sound of a dial-up modem, wrapped up in a little world all alone, lace and black velvet...a princess trapped but so horrifically beautiful; so close to blooming. "Le Ciel"...merveilles. Il doit encore y avoir des merveilles! even now, in a strange new world...

& a strong urge to dig out my old Gothic&Lolita Bibles...

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@evenstar aww. The live version of Le Ciel… that moment of anticipation where gackt floats down onto the stage… gets me every time ;__;;;;;;;;

Klaha is a fairytale prince, & might be the only person I ever sent fan mail to *^^*

Do you also like Lareine? (Metamorphoses, Fuyu Tokyo, Je Taime…) blue roses and lost loves and snow… one hour to download a five minute PV from that pams site, eheh

@lilliphilia T___T oh my gosh, *yes*. just. *nostalgic happy flailing, words fail me, etc* (oh Klaha. Klaha. I remember literally gasping the first time I ever saw a picture of him and thinking "no way can a human be that pretty...")

?!? you too?! I mean, YES. oh gosh. (...ohhh, I am gonna fall so far down my vizkei nostalgic foxhole and it's all your fault and I love you for it and regret it not one bit. <3 <3)

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