@evenstar Sweet bebeh doge!! (Her story breaks my heart, man. T___T)

@justastrangegal maybe a bit woo of me, but I firmly believe she became an immortal when her soul left her body, and she's at home amongst the stars, almost like a patron saint or a protector spirit of sorts for animals who have endured (or are enduring) testing. 鉁

@evenstar I like that, not woo at all to me! It's beautiful and sad. ;___; 馃挅

@justastrangegal ohhh that is lovely ;___; now I can't help thinking St. Guinefort is always by St. Francis' side, if that isn't a blasphemous/rude thought...

@evenstar It better not be! *shakes God, dies hard* I like that thought!

@justastrangegal I mean, I'm not Catholic and teeeechnically I shouldn't really...is appropriate the right word?...saints, but whenever I've lost a pet I've always called out to St. Francis for comfort (I even have a ceramic pendant of him in memory of my first pupper <3), and I haven't been smited, so...I think it's okay! ...says the non-Catholic, hesitantly. XD;;

@evenstar Ehhh, I've read that non-Catholic people have prayed novenas to saints for example and they've worked, and you're approaching him with sincerity and respect, I think it's okay! There's probably Catholics out there who'd be all "how dare" or whatever, but meh to them. *shoves them out the door* XD

@evenstar @justastrangegal I'm sure you're 1000% super okay! ...though my fear does act up and I end up wondering if I'll be smited for not being theologically correct or whatever (spreading wrong beliefs, noooo)...dogma sucks. XD;;; *hides behind you, dies*

@justastrangegal I honestly sort of get the feeling if God was gonna smite either of us...He probably would have done so by now, AND that He's probably got way more to worry about at the moment XD;;; (our species is a MESS, lordy lordy)

@evenstar (It really is. x__x) *tries not to worry about smiting* XD;;;

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