@evenstar ahhhhhh thank you my beloved foxkin!! this was so nice to come here and find 🌹 and so much more lovely than the translation that’s on the YouTube upload. This is legit one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me. 💜

@evenstar also the first thing I thought of with the adv/Eva reference was “shinji’s lovely suite <3” but I’ll take that over the Netflix any day ^^;;

@lilliphilia firstly! it was my pleasure! (I still have "Garnet" on the way for you, too~ ✨)

secondly! I will give them SOME leeway with "shinji's lovely suite" because you don't need to stretch TOO hard to make it work...but my god, those sublations..."like an angel~ that has no sense of mercy~~~" *dies* 😂

(also: sdfkajsd;lsjak NETFLIX. NETFLIX *WHY* WOULD YOU--)

@evenstar do you know I’ve never read a “real” translation of CAT… ^^;; maybe I should look that up

(I can’t wait for garnet — but I will, no stress!! — it’s just so amazing to have *you* translate them. I really should learn Japanese/wistful sigh) 💜🦊🦊

@lilliphilia ...maybe I should try it myself. (I mean, I know there's thirteen million translations already buuuut...)

oh, no stress involved whatsoever! I love translating and translating FOR someone is even better *^-^* (you should~ I mean, I'm biased. But still. *giggle*)

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