TIL that apparently you shouldn't have friends with benefits if you're older than 25.

it's getting really kinda Logan's Run-esque around here lately...

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@evenstar ...who keeps making up these ageist "rules"? o___o;;;

@justastrangegal the more obnoxious side of Gen Z is really coming out with some epic bullshit as of late. 🙄

@evenstar ...*blasts a recent Simpsons parody song to them* "This is the dawning of the age of who gives a crap, age of who gives a craaaap! Who gives a craaaap! Who gives a craaaap!" XP

@justastrangegal I just...don't get this certain slice of Gen Z (probably a heavy slab of millennials that do, too) who do this thing where they're like "ha, you're 35 and still doing $THING? pathetic! stop it!" dudes, you are NOT 35 and haven't even BEEN 35 yet, so how would you even know if what someone chooses to do at 35 is 'pathetic' or not? sounds like a 3-year-old shrieking about how they don't wanna share their toys to me 😠

@evenstar I'm too old for their bullhonky, I'm 40 now and can't be arsed to care about what they think. Step aside, youngins, I'm living life my way! ...*collapses*

@justastrangegal I think I'm still young and dumb enough to get mad about it U__U;; (or, even worse, that's just my innate nature and I'll be 105 and STILL losing my temper with people being stupid about what I choose to do D: D:)

@evenstar Not dumb!! *shakes youuu!!* People being stupid is definitely rage-inducing! *hugs hugs*

@evenstar @justastrangegal
Sorta the reason why i stopped bothering putting my exact age up.

I just wanna enjoy my hobbies and interests in my little corner of the internet and those idiots can just die mad about it

@creaturefeature @justastrangegal same. if anyone asks, my age is 21+, that's all. ageism is such a rage button for me. just let people have fun, nobody's being hurt so expire in rage, baibai.

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