I have a lot of shrines/fansites lined up that I'm so ready to work on, but...I keep thinking...

...what's the point? Nobody will care. Fansites aren't a thing people visit any more; everything's all TikTok and Instagram. hell, even frickin' *Tumblr* is becoming a desert.


Maybe it's enough that I care, that I have fun messing with code and sorting through information and creating media, but...I just...I want it to be *seen*, too. But that's not really going to happen.

To think I used to piss and moan about how fanlistings destroyed the shrine. Social media destroyed the whole creative web, and dances on its grave.

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Maybe I'm just old and sad and depressed and can't move on with the times, or something.

"This is my last crusade,
No one is listening, anyway"

@evenstar *hugs, wishes I had more to say* The new web sucks ass. :\

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