@lilliphilia ah, no, pixiefox, you're asking the wrong question! which way would be more *fun*? ^__~ (me? a minor agent of chaos? iie~)

@lilliphilia oh lordy. it hit you where it hurt, too? >:/ (I haven't even USED the company in years but kept my account active for mobile-nonsense-emergency-purposes...x.x; )

just cannot shake this overarching "what's the point of doing anything?" feeling. it's like drowning in tar.

first pic with new webcam says everything you need to know about me.
coffee. headphones. screenglow.

I got my hands on the Sailor Moon x COLOURPOP blushes & eyeshadow palette and eeeeee :D :D the lenticular box lids, omg!!

@lilliphilia who says you need to do anything other than that, right now? (send me after them, and I'll stare unnervingly at them for you.) look after yourself, pixiefox. ♥

@justastrangegal yes!! ♥ it seems to be able to make pretty okay roses! (the reddish one's a bit wonky, but still :D)

you know, for a Daoist witch, there's certainly a lot of verses from the Christian bible that I hold close to my heart. but I'm pretty sure Jesus wouldn't mind ♥

@hanecco thank you for reminding me of that! It's sad to see how much the fansite/shrine/general-handmade-site community has shrunk over the years, but sometimes I forget...it's not quite disappear wholly, not yet. ♥

Maybe I'm just old and sad and depressed and can't move on with the times, or something.

"This is my last crusade,
No one is listening, anyway"

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Maybe it's enough that I care, that I have fun messing with code and sorting through information and creating media, but...I just...I want it to be *seen*, too. But that's not really going to happen.

To think I used to piss and moan about how fanlistings destroyed the shrine. Social media destroyed the whole creative web, and dances on its grave.

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I have a lot of shrines/fansites lined up that I'm so ready to work on, but...I keep thinking...

...what's the point? Nobody will care. Fansites aren't a thing people visit any more; everything's all TikTok and Instagram. hell, even frickin' *Tumblr* is becoming a desert.

and I'm doing the September Project again! I don't know why. I don't know why I ever do anything, to be totally honest :3
not on Neoshitties this time around, because skip me with that toxicity.

I've been neglecting the fediverse, I have to admit. doing a lot of fan-related nonsense on the birb hellsite. which is both fun and an adventure in blocking racist conservative fuckwits, lemme tell you.

despite my hands doing their usual neuro-problem twitch, I made my Dad a father's day card...

A little collection of my past miniatures! @lethe thank you for making me think of it. Turns out it's 4 pictures per post so I'll make a little series. This is my first 4 tins! (The lit-up one is from a kit)

#art #craft #miniatures

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