I finally got off my ass and watched "My Little Pony: A New Generation", and...it was actually pretty damn good! hopefully the 'sanpaku' the 2D TV series suffers from will be edited a bit, because these new characters are adorable. (Sunny and Izzy are girlfriends, bite me.)

so, my Evatchi evolved into Israfel. those who know me well will understand how amusing that is. XD

(even funnier? to display when they're super happy, they split into two parts.)

@lilliphilia it is the single trippiest piece of Eva merch I own, and I also own a tiny little Shin-chan plush dressed up as a roadworker, so that's saying something XD

...I cannot believe I'm getting emotionally attached to a goddamn Angel embryo *wheezes* BUT IT'S SO CUTE~

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...the Evagotchi shouldn't be so cute. @_@;; you can feed it SΒ² Engines or watermelons! πŸ˜†

as much as I bitch about Gemini, lordy me, it is a GODSEND for reading long-form essays. esp on a Gem browser.

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oh my fucking...people. PEOPLE. my disabled ass is begging you right now: if you want me to read your long-ass bullshit essay, FOR GOD'S SAKE MAKE IT READABLE. a 5000+ article is not the place for quirky fonts, moving gifs, and other related digital vomit.

singing "My Island Home" and longing longing longing...

"in the evening the dry wind blows...
I close my eyes and I'm standing in a boat on the sea again..."

I wonder if things will ever work out, and if they do, if I'll still be young enough for it to mean anything.

@lilliphilia eeeeee this makes me so happy!! congratulations pixiefox!! <3 <3 <3 *whirls*

I...really need to put up a proper "hiatus" page on my weblog, but I suppose plaintxt "not today Satan" covers all the bases, really...πŸ€”

I grew up hiding under desks bc the Russians had nukes constantly aimed at us, not because a neighbor owned too many guns and was ready to end it all.

problem: I have "The Antiquarian Sticker Book", and due to the influence of Married to the Sea...I want to caption almost all of the stickers with people in them with silliness. it'd make for an interesting art project, I suppose...

okay. almost everything back to normal...or as normal as it was when I last saved the database manually (April 20th). :/ sigh. 'scuse the swears from before. onto reuploading all the linking buttons, now... :|

oh my fucking god idiot Dreamhost just ate a whole ass MySQL database. it's gone, nowhere, not in the recycle bin, nothing, nada.

I'm going to lose my shit very shortly

WAIT WHAT I WAS RIGHT?! "trauma time" is a thing?! I was calling it "survivor time" (as in, a survivor's warped sense of time) but oh my gosh. that's so...I don't know, just...calming? Assuring?

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