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stupidest question anyone has ever asked me, genuinely:

"but what if your boyfriend WANTS to have period sex? aren't you being selfish?"

ohohoho boy here we go.

also, today's "Who Is Asuka Having Lunch With?": Hikari. aw, BFFs.

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Evatchi update: Bardiel in the house. he's just literally terrifying. not one single scrap of adorable to be found. even Leliel was cuter than this monstrosity.

watch me get attached to him anyway.

Alex and I have been laughing for 15 mins over this, because we are apparently vry esly amsd.



uh. holy sugar.

oh yes, just what I needed, another "long dark night of the soul" deal. I'm busy already. can't this wait?

congratulations. Neocities!
you have become the Geocities you always wished you were

*~*~*~~8`*~HoW cReAtIvE~~*~*~*~8`

Evatchi update: Zeruel in the house. He's cute, in a "you big dumb bastard" way. ♥ (Still not as good as Israfel, but. I'm sorry, those happy dances were just hysterical.)

and another one bites the dust
(oh why can I not conquer love?)
it's hard to lose a chosen one...

I wish my stupid brain would just learn to make its own stupid chemicals so if I miss my meds once I don't end up idk wanting to get run over by a train for three days?

(I just realised that Charles Edwards actually looks prettier in his actor's headshot than he does playing an immortal and otherworldly being...according to Amazon. oh dear me.)

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said it on hellbirbsite, sayin it here:

HARFOOTS ARE ANCESTORS NOT HOBBITS ANY MORE THAN SAXONS ARE ANCESTORS OF HUMANS. They are a TRIBE of hobbits from a certain area who have amalgamated into one by the end of the Third Age. here endeth the lesson.

also W O A H Celebrimbor looks...not awful, by human standards he's a perfectly attractive man, but that's the actual problem there. elf and all.

Evatchi update: Shamshel caused 3rd Impact! that's surprising, he was such a finicky bastard I thought for sure NERV would blow him up instead. next up: ...well, Sachiel, Bardiel, or Zeruel, but we'll have to see. fingers crossed! the first website I've ever made where I've had to take breaks to get my emotions under control because of the subject matter. D: you'll see what I mean shortly...

MySpace was utter cancer; why are we so desperate to bring it back? leave it dead where it belongs, jfc.

the whole anti-shipping thing is getting really, really old

as is the "sysmed" thing, just ftr

OH MY GOD THAT ONE WAS JUST AS BAD okay hold tight I'll fix this...whenever

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