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worst health day I've had in a idea what triggered it, so no idea how to avoid it if it ever happens again. time to search for clues, I guess.

while lying down. 🤒

watching some intellect-free people on the hellbirdsite freaking out about "wokeism" because Bear McCreary speaks about the Middle Eastern-styled progressions in the theme for Númenor and just...

do u even musical theory bro?

if you can spot the butterfly in less than 0.3 nanoseconds, you're more intelligent than 4215% of the population and win a pie

"'[you're] a grown man with a moustache,' how old are you, bro?"

...I...I am so confused right now
okay, but this. this is my BACK YARD. I know both those bridges, all those beaches, and I have gazed out over the bay at that sand island all my life.

god, I gotta get back to the water...

my hair is officially back to total red. I feel slightly more myself now.

I am so sick of medical handwaves and shrugs, and I have this sneeeaaking suspicion if it wasn't related to "wimmen's stuff" (kill me) someone would be taking it a lot more seriously.

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hwelp, turns out I have multiple clots and I'm being yanked off birth control with nothing offered for the endo + PMDD except a shrug, so if I implode between now and the end of this minor bloodsoaked hell, shocking? idek anymore.

I'm so tired today I can hardly type. WTF is going on. probably "my blood is currently thinner than my tears" shenanigans, I guess.

more seriously, these are scalloped hammerhead sharks, and they're endangered -- and yet, are still not protect from fishing in Australia. something I'm really hoping @tanya_plibersek will change in early September.

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I mean, imagine it: the legacy of his twin brother, severed from him until after the literal end of the world, crumbling to madness and corruption, wholly. he's gotta have some Real Feelings about that.

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one thing I really want to see in is Elrond dealing with Elros' memory. obviously we're at the end of the line for Númenor when the story starts, and I would just LOVE to really dig into Elrond's emotions with that.

noooo! LionWiki doesn't like PHP 8 T___T aaah, crap. that little wiki was such a lifesaver for me, honestly...I wish I knew enough about PHP to port it properly, or something T__T

OKAY FRENZ so I just washed/oiled my hair with Olaplex; let's see if this stuff is worth the money or not. (I mean, the boar bristle brush I bought was, BIG time, so...fingers crossed?)

I swear to god the council waits until I have a thumping migraine and no painkillers to send every damn large noisy machine they own to go and do roadworks or gardening or etc near my house.

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