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blo w ing up clandestino to weaken the dimes square faction of nyc to save American politics from devolving into fascism

People are way too obsessed with SI units as being more rational or scientific fundamentally. That’s absolute horseshit they’re more convenient for large calculations but by and large they suck for daily human use. Customary Units forever!

@fokes especially compared to something like Bairisch, which has a lot of similarities in pronunciation and variation from Hochdeutsch. “I rede a bissal Boarisch” vs “Ikh red a bisl Yiddish”. (איך רעד אַ ביסל יִידיש)

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As a non-native German speaker I’m fascinated by Yiddish latinization because in a large part it feels like simply how I as an American English speaker would transliterate German

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Bruno Lage is a man that looks like he’s from the 1960s

I am officially gonna be a published author now! :)

How do you even differentiate between digital hardcore and breakcore i feel like it’s all just hardcore with breaks

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Couple went into the McDonalds family bathroom together ✊respect✊

I will never use Tab Groups you can’t make me

You left Instagram because of principled takes on free software and the merits of decentralized web. I left Instagram because I was told I comment like a millennial. We are not the same

On this Mother’s Day, remember that the first recorded word for freedom, ‘amargi’ in ancient Sumerian, meant “return to mom” :)

Abolish Americans that call themselves ‘Yanks’ in an attempt to endear themselves to euros it’s not cute

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Just got an ad for a German baby formula that said:

Your Life
Our Science

Like tell me that doesn’t sound like a threat

Psst, if you really want to make sure people can have access to safe, free, and accessible abortions we’re gonna have to figure out how to do that ourselves. Don’t let the state decide if that’s possible or not. shareabortionpill.info

I think I found possibly the most phrenologistic Wikipedia article ever lol en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingush

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