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Los amigos de Secure Podcast nos hicieron una entrevista a fondo sobre Flashparty, sin concesiones!
Enterate todo el chismerío de la demoscene!
(puede ser clickbait)

I miss playing live so much I'm thinking on doing it on a livestream. But just a camera is lame so thinking on ways to make it cool

I will just start calling myself a metaverse engineer (kinda tempted on droping blockchain into the mix also)

Just uploaded a new photo on my website's Fotolog :D
(And also testing out link previews for each post :D )

Finally done with work today, I will try to make a song when I arrive home

Vuelve la Olla Popular de hardware Cyberciruja a la UNC. Ven a llevarte lo que necesites o trae lo que le pueda servir a otres. Monitores, procesadores, memorias ram, joysticks, y más caben en este puchero electrónico. Aclaración: No se necesita ser un ñoñx computín, es para todes. Que circule el conocimiento y fluya nuestro derecho a reparar. #ARecircularTodo #CybercirujasCba #Cybercirujas #OllaPopulardeHardware

I'm starting to believe that the internet is a negative for artist

Thinking on fully opening my peertube instance but with the only condition of hosting fully original videos. Would anyone be interested in that?

I really, really hate every piece of software that's "phone only" for no good reason.

Saying you work in Big Tech because you want to “change it from within” is like saying you’re a butler for the royal family because you want to overthrow the monarchy.

#BigTech #peopleFarming #surveillanceCapitalism #developer #designer #engineer #complicity

Made progress on my skull painting so here is the last photo of it before I potentially ruin it by attempting to make a flocked snake winding through it. This can go one of two ways lol.

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