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Como no podía ser de otra forma, abro sección nueva en mi cápsula #gemini Archienemigos, "Flirteando con FreeBSD".


Si aun no has instalado un navegador gemini como Lagrange (recomendable):

Thinking on nuking all the mp3s from my PC and just leave the stuff I riped myself

Finally done with work! I was thinking now on get again into VR chat, it's been a while since I went there

Los amigos de Secure Podcast nos hicieron una entrevista a fondo sobre Flashparty, sin concesiones!
Enterate todo el chismerío de la demoscene!
(puede ser clickbait)

I miss playing live so much I'm thinking on doing it on a livestream. But just a camera is lame so thinking on ways to make it cool

I will just start calling myself a metaverse engineer (kinda tempted on droping blockchain into the mix also)

Just uploaded a new photo on my website's Fotolog :D
(And also testing out link previews for each post :D )

Finally done with work today, I will try to make a song when I arrive home

Vuelve la Olla Popular de hardware Cyberciruja a la UNC. Ven a llevarte lo que necesites o trae lo que le pueda servir a otres. Monitores, procesadores, memorias ram, joysticks, y más caben en este puchero electrónico. Aclaración: No se necesita ser un ñoñx computín, es para todes. Que circule el conocimiento y fluya nuestro derecho a reparar. #ARecircularTodo #CybercirujasCba #Cybercirujas #OllaPopulardeHardware

I'm starting to believe that the internet is a negative for artist

Thinking on fully opening my peertube instance but with the only condition of hosting fully original videos. Would anyone be interested in that?

I really, really hate every piece of software that's "phone only" for no good reason.
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