Just finished a big render for a music video without my computer exploding. Time to celebrante 🍾 🥂

@memo hi! I recently opened a peertube instance videos.grafo.zone
Right now streaming is not enabled buy I'm willing to try how that works 😀

Good morning fedipeople, time to be here instead of work (don't tell my boss)

@grafo it always was, it was always really insulting to cast people's creative efforts as "content", as if their primary purpose were to populate data streams for the benefit of people who happened to invest a lot in bandwidth

I finally got XMPP up and running!
If you wanna add me this is my address: grafo@grafo.zone

@obspogon I saw this video yesterday and it was really cool. I've been using vr chat lately and it's really special and totally agree with the part it kinda remind to the old web

At this point being called "content creator" should be treated as a slur

Just finished recorded a song today :D ! Closer to show what I've been working on n_n !

Kinda tempted on doing a "all the things she said" cover

tw pet death 

@teddybearhalo I'm so sorry Teddy. I know this moments are hard but think that you and your family were able to give him a good farewell and all the good moments you had together

@vortiwife hahaha that's just such a cool detail, I need to try it out

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