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I should one day dig into my old dvd backups to find that rpgmaker game I never finished

The other day I released some new songs on my bandcamp! Help me out by sharing it πŸ˜€

Looking into getting a peertube instance πŸ€”

oh also: if ur newer to the fediverse probably a good idea to look up all the stuff u can do on it:

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Interaction and culture beats follower count. I had 2500 β€žfriendsβ€œ on Facebook when I left 10 years ago. I have 7000+ followers on Twitter, which I will soon leave. IIRC far more than 10000 on Google+ before it was killed. But I had so much more inspiring and useful discussions here in the last few weeks. #justsayin

i hate using d*scord and barely talk to 2/3 people on a regular basis there so it's been my main way of keeping in touch. it's a shame it sucks ass

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wowow! @cinni your interview was so good! i loved hearing about you getting started creating virtual worlds @_@ if you haven't heard it yet, listen to the interview here on the yesterweb radio:

Remaking my whole website for it to be both in English and Spanish πŸ˜€

Thinking on nuking my server and reinstalling everything from zero

I made a new song about getting stuck in the past. I’m really proud of this one!

Get out of here with that "Thread πŸ‘‡" just make a web blog

Having some coffee on my 30 minutes 15 minutes break at work 😎
Hope everyone is having a good one today!

It's strange to me how the blue checks continue to blame people for doing what Twitter demands.

You want the most engaging tweets? Well, the metrics don't lie. Moral panic is incredibly engaging.

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