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i'm streaming some exploration of tomorrow afternoon, starting 3PM EST :shstar:

i've loved worlds since 2012 or so, so i'm rly excited to be showing it off live!

Little guy that I made for Katastrofaith 37 next music video (where also I will be playing the violin in!)
Katastrofaith IG:

US billionaires buy up Hawaii while most of us Hawaiians don't "own" a single acre of our US-illegally occupied home. Mark Zuckerberg forced us from his 1200 acre ranch on Kaua'i. Elon's buddy Larry Ellison owns an entire island, while we remain homeless.

images/smiles from phpBB version 2.0.0, 5th April 2002. Tag yourself.

Just finished a big render for a music video without my computer exploding. Time to celebrante 🍾 🥂

Good morning fedipeople, time to be here instead of work (don't tell my boss)

@grafo it always was, it was always really insulting to cast people's creative efforts as "content", as if their primary purpose were to populate data streams for the benefit of people who happened to invest a lot in bandwidth

I finally got XMPP up and running!
If you wanna add me this is my address:

At this point being called "content creator" should be treated as a slur

Just finished recorded a song today :D ! Closer to show what I've been working on n_n !

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