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I've been working on my website during the weekend and it's almost done now. Today after work I will give it a last touch and then upload :)

Ya podés comprar merch de Flashparty 2022! Colaborá con la realización del evento y al mismo tiempo llevate tu remera, gorro, buzo, bolsa, etc. entrando a
(Válido sólo para Argentina).

#merch #flashparty #demoparty #demoscene

Just finished watching Utena. What a weird wonderful show

Giveaway: Found some of my old dataerase garb, all size L. Glad to send it out to anyone who can pay shipping or pick it up here in NYC. Otherwise I'll donate it by the end of tomorrow.

Acabo de leer en Hacker News, el foro de los listos de Silicon Valley, los comentarios sobre los viajes gratis de cercanías en España, y el comentario más votado dice que es un desastre pero que los medios no informan de ello porque en España el gobierno subvenciona a los medios y por tanto nunca lo critican. Para que te fíes de los listos de Silicon Valley.

Somos CyberCirujas. Trabajamos a pulmón para reciclar computadoras que otros descartan, ponerlas en funcionamiento y entregárselas a quienes las necesitan. Buscamos ayudar a cerrar la brecha digital, pero a la vez generando conciencia del uso de la tecnología libre del yugo de las corporaciones dominantes.

Conocé nuestro manifiesto aquí:

Ingresá a nuestro foro en:

godot update: after some pain and tears i figured out head tracking for both npcs n the player, setting different animations during dialog, and some ui/changing scene action 8-)

The update for my website is taking me too long this time, I will try to rush it a little bit this weekend

It's nice to remember the original slogan of the internet

I uploaded a new video to my Peertube! I'm going to try to make a character every week on Blender for practice and this is the first one :)

Looks like a lot ofpeople are confused/annoyed by Mastodon and many other Fediverse platforms not backfilling old posts when an account is followed.

This complete lack of backfilling means that many new accounts or those with few followers may appear completely blank, even if they've posted lots of interesting stuff.

If you agree and think Mastodon should backfill at least some posts when people follow an account, please give this issue a thumbs up:

If you're not comfortable using github, let me know and I can try to post on your behalf.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Backfilling

crypto NFT projects grossly underestimating the amount of work it takes to create a game will never stop being funny to me

Copyright isn't a creator's incentive anymore. It's just a corporate subsidy racket now.

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