I need more cats in my life *looks at kitty pics online while hugging that one ginger fluff she owns*

I also decided to make a fandom blog. Beware of hunters and low flying cenobites...

The more I write – of my novel, of my poetry, of my silly thoughts about books, of detailed description of Louis de Pointe du Lac – the more assured I am that if not so called quill and ink, I would not be alive anymore.

"Blogs without age will be blocked!" they say. A cute reminder that people CAN lie in their bio.

I am lost among the waves... keep raining, dear clouds. I am like grass, like trees and moss. Ides of March creature, the pisces of the sky.

[ I like rain like fish likes pond ]

When holidays which I don't celebrate [ all of them ] prolong, I get that itch inside me. I wished then that time made a jump and suddenly, holidays were over. Bring me ability to just buy a bun or mineral water, plis.

I wanted to continue my WIP so much, but all what is sacred drags me into writing shortest slice-of-life stories, instead a long tale about a dark fairy who brings eternal winter. Ah, my raven -feathered man. I neglect you too much [ tell my brain to focus, then ].

For me, art is not about technique. The skill. The pretty shapes and faces. It's about the impact it leaves on me. Anatomy may be all over the place, and if it leaves impact, I will love the art to death. I love when art moves my soul and makes me dream, when it takes me to another universe, be the beautiful or ugly. I will always support that!

I like the feeling of soft wind on my skin. I like the scent of blooming flowers, white like snow. I like to stalk the woods while it happens. That said, I go to forest walk, only me and nature <3 I missed it, I missed it so much. I am creature of wilderness, I love trees and being alone. Bless the spring.

I breathe sun today. It both hurts me and brings me joy. My skin already tainted with red [ vampire much ] but the gleaming green on trees and clear sky make me a happy fae.

There is certain thing that I loathe in human beings. They are so unwilling to accept that someone may have different opinion and sticking to it, that it hurts, both mentally and even physically. My bones crack harder. My mind melts into plastic.

So I closed myself in another profile. The hunt never ends, so it seems [ how true ].


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