i went to therapy today and they were handing out sensory bags that came with these noise canceling headphones, so i decorated mine in stickers

a difficult doctors appointment yesterday threw me off for the entire week and i still have things to do.

im a fool

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computer opinion 

hot take but imo when you buy a device you should have full control over what you do with it and what software you install on it. This was normal back in the late 90s and 2000s when I first used computers, but then smartphones became a thing and now it is normal to be in a completely walled garden where you can only use the preinstalled OS and install stuff that the manufacturer says is okay. It's atrocious

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i asked a friend a question and then promptly went through the 5 stages of grief in the span of 2 minutes why am i so shy

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Remember that your cell phone cannot make phone calls without it pinging off towers. Said pings can be accessed by police. Those pings can be used to track your location to within 100 yards/meters. If your phone cannot locate any towers, it will expend increasing amounts of power trying to locate one. Dutch police are well known for using this to track people.

Every phone has at least one unique IMEI number (one per SIM card/eSIM slot) that cannot be changed that can be used to track you. It doesn't matter whether your phone has a SIM or not. It is still pinging towers in case you need it to call 911.

Finally, so long as your phone has power through the battery or plugged into the wall, it is never truly off. This has been used in the past for police to remotely listen in on people

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transphobia, us politics, abortion, suicide mentioned 

Gentle reminder that abortion access is DEFINITELY an LGBTQ+ issue. This moment has a lot of cis-het female voices, and it should, but the immediate ramifications are going to hit anyone with a uterus -- lesbian and bi cis women, trans men, nonbinary people.

It's also going to affect all femme people, with and without uteruses. It will change the way they are treated and looked at by others, consciously or subconsciously.

That is part of the point of this judicial regression.

Include the concerns of all trans and nonbinary people in your activism for abortion rights, please. Especially those of pre-transition trans men. This group needs to be vocally and specifically included in calls for activism.

Forcing those guys to go through with pregnancies isn't just cruel, it's going to be an actual suicide trigger for some. Believe me.

They are more at risk from this legislation than the average person is. And they will have exponentially fewer resources, and exponentially fewer people to help them -- as usual.

Boosts appreciated.

when i was a younger kid, me and my sister's room had glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.

it was so fun. im going to buy some to put on me and my girlfriend's room's ceiling some day

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Had to take the bus into town today, and wore a kilt. Some Delores decided to take issue; which sadly I'm used to. "Why are you wearing a skirt?!" and so on. As I said, used to it (and big scary white dude, so I have some privilege to wield), so I'm calmly addressing it with her

But then she said "well how am I supposed to explain that to my kid?!", and friends, I didn't have to say a thing, because the most awesome Black lady jumped in. She turned to her kid (I'd guess roughly 13 years old) and said "hey, why is he allowed to wear a skirt?"

Kid: "he's grown enough to wear whatever the fuck he wants"

Mom: "see?! Ain't hard ma'am"

Delores huffed but that was pretty much the end 🤣

we have a ghost in our gaming rig. sometimes out of the blue a power shell window will pop up and go away.

its been doing this since we built the machine. i wonder why

man. deep conditioning my hair sucks. i have to sit here and entertain myself for 30 minutes with conditioner in my hair

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FINALLY!! IT IS DONE! I finished the Fuwa Cakes Cans, I made a blog post about my process, if you guys wanna check it (got some typos tho' but I think its an interesting read): ashsashes.com/ashsatelier/2022

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I posted a blog today about my experience with playing video games and how it's changed sadgrl.online/blog/entries/gam

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Someone had a granite headstone made for Internet Explorer and placed it beside a tiny church on the rooftop of a cafe in Gyeongju, South Korea: m.clien.net/service/board/park

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