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if you are using a qr code scanning app that does not show you links before auto-opening them *and* have Discord installed

do not scan qr codes from untrusted sources

and please find a new qr code scanning app

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So if you write an article and give image credits, you don't credit the place you found it, you credit the SOURCE.

Stealing an image, and pointing to a place that has also stolen that image isn't how it works.

If you find an image you'd like to use, you check to see if this is the original source of the image.

If it is, then see if there are any usage rights shown - and follow them.

If there aren't any, you contact the publisher and ask permission to use the image.

I think I'm finally on the tail-end of my VR fixation, so I've got time for other hobbies again! I've started on an entry for a biennial 12x12cm print exhibition this year. So far it's a font design with lots of birds ... hopefully it will work out ok!

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(please don't unfollow me as a bit, I'd hate to have to re-approve you <3)

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@Curator another one not to forget is spoilers!! I've been seeing folks coming from Twitter tagging their posts with #/____spoilers but not hiding the image/CWing it. It's so much easier and nicer for folks to click through a CW in regards to spoilers rather than having to hide a hashtag of every piece of media they're into but don't want to get spoiled on. ^^

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Just so new people know, #Mastodon is not normally slow!

There has been an incredible number of people joining recently, which has caused some growing pains.

As the server admins adjust to the new numbers, Masto should get back up to speed :blobcool:

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One of the unexpected joys of the fediverse over other places is the addition of weird domains appended on to everyone's usernames.

It makes the web feel like more than just four websites again.

It's both a signal of a smaller more intimate internet and also a larger and far more diverse internet at the same time!

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my brother is heavily invested in VRChat (which doesn't actually have aims to compete with these places and have stated they have no interest in or plans for blockchain) and he says that neither him nor the people he's talked to could give a flying fuck about """the metaverse""" either

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It's certainly one of those things how 'excitement about the metaverse' is something only said by reporters or corporate ghouls.

I know people who have been trying to buy PS5s but I have yet to hear someone who isn't knee deep in crypto gambling say 'I really wanna live in Facebook's company town'

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Good morning!

Started the day by blocking three very gross (racism, transphobia, homophobia, alt-right 4chan type stuff) instances from federating with .art, and sharing the instances with other networks to also ban.

This is how your instance admins keep the fediverse safe, and ends up with places like that screaming into their own little voids.

Yet another way the fediverse is better than corporate-owned social media :D

Have a lovely, gentle day, all! :artpaw:

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Could not believe my timing getting a duck butt AND two ducks in this photo.

I love the just absolute zero fucks attitude with this ad edit. Like, was it a "screw you for not providing working files", were they absolutely drowning in crunch time, or was it the full extent of their ability in Paint? I have so many questions I will never know the answer to.

Flying to Brisbane tonight, I'm so nervous, I'm going to 3 different capital cities this month back to back and that's a whole lot of people to be stuck in flying tin cans with and somehow NOT catch Covid 😬

It's my birthday and I lost my wallet and I wasn't even drunk... I was just getting coffee.

I didn't even notice until 6pm when my dad called me because the cops had called HIM trying to find me, since I didn't check my phone ALL day since I was avoiding having to reply to birthday messages XD

Called the cops back and they were like "Happy birthday! Please call your dad he's worried!" lol.

Classic example of the chaos of my memory and attention span. How have I made it this many years?

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1981: “Computers will revolutionize offices, no need for paper anymore and you can work from anywhere!”

2022: “Better come back to the office to infect people with a deadly airborne virus, or else! Don’t forget to bring the lightweight hyper-mobile supercomputer we gave you.”

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Someone made a 1-page RPG: Trapped in a Cabin with Lord Byron
(image in linked tweet, pdf link in thread)

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My #TDoV blog post for work - it’s short and written for The Cis so don’t expect too much:


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strength and love to trans people on this day and every day

remember that the gender binary is a construct of the same colonial control that gave us racialisation - no matter where you find yourself on any such rubric you can reject the order imposed on you

and whatever privileges you may have been lucky enough to be granted by that order can be used against it

decolonise! :heart_nb:

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