Someone in a group I'm in wanted pride stickers for their car, so I branched out into making vinyl stickers for the first time and... Now I need to think of what else to make because it was fun and didn't end horribly lol.

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@tsvety For outdoor use you can buy sheets of precoloured vinyl (because printing on vinyl doesn't really last long in the sun here, better to use precoloured), and cut and assemble them on one colour as a base. In my case, I cut them out with my woefully underutilized Brother ScanNCut, but you can use various kinds of scalpels to cut them out like you would a paper stencil (cool swirly finger scalpels exist for details). So they end up with a layered look a bit like screenprinted stickers.

@karithina that's really cool! do you have to make sure none of the patterns overlap?

@tsvety Generally other than the backing colour yeah. Though, could probably create some cool effects by purposefully layering, but it'd depend on the design. Like if I'd done the rainbow flag by overlaying each colour over the last it'd have looked like a very low staircase, which might have been cool or not, but also would have used up more vinyl unnecessarily haha.

@karithina maybe stuff getting under layers might be a bit of an issue then because there will be a little crack?

I think I need to make some vinyl stickers now...

did you do any others?

@tsvety Yeah, I could see how a bubble of dirt under one layer could turn into a princess and the pea style situation pretty quick!

I've gifted all the others so far... I should make some labels for around my house but I struggle to justify the effort for 'just me'.

I've made others that weren't layered, but because of simplicity, despite being layered these were the easiest. I made some tiny text badge stickers and my desk was covered in tiny pieces of vinyl after weeding out all the details!

@karithina text badge stickers?

do post please if you end up with a funky layered one

@tsvety Yeah by yext badge stickers I mean they were these sort of thing, like you'd expect to see as a seal.

@tsvety I kinda do want to make some experimental detailed layered ones now, just to annoy myself lol. I'll have to doodle up some ideas.

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