Someone in a group I'm in wanted pride stickers for their car, so I branched out into making vinyl stickers for the first time and... Now I need to think of what else to make because it was fun and didn't end horribly lol.

Made progress on my skull painting so here is the last photo of it before I potentially ruin it by attempting to make a flocked snake winding through it. This can go one of two ways lol.

Back working on a new skull artwork for a skulls and bones exhibition coming up. I've been putting way too much pressure on myself because skulls feel so 'overdone' to me that trying to do something that feels new is doing my head in.

I'm obsessed with witch-hazel this week. I read about it and then when I was at the local native plant nursery I found out we have a native one. I am so excited for it to grow I almost want to fast forward time haha.

I always admire the resilience of plants that grow along rocks and on buildings. I smile to see it whether it is on a cliff or in my own home's gutters

Could not believe my timing getting a duck butt AND two ducks in this photo.

I love the just absolute zero fucks attitude with this ad edit. Like, was it a "screw you for not providing working files", were they absolutely drowning in crunch time, or was it the full extent of their ability in Paint? I have so many questions I will never know the answer to.

The other week the Bowerbird near my house was collecting rocks, this week he's collecting glass and metal... can't believe I missed his evolution from the rock age through to the industrial age so fast!

He'll be collecting spacecrafts next 😬

Finally got around to swapping my bookshelves with my cupboards so that I could open them lol.

Took the opportunity to set up a shrine to my VR headset and skeleton lol.

My cat is enjoying the extra shelving too ;D

I've been playing in VRChat for the past month & my fav thing yet has been a Jet Set Radio Future world made by Lakuza... it makes me feel like I'm back in the feels I had playing it as a kid.

This is the third avatar I've made so far! I made to match the world, using Lakuza's free skate and cyberpunk packs. So now I can skate feeling cyber-funky even though I can't skate IRL.

I painted the skin and body suit in Photoshop and has a stomach window inspired by Barbarella lol.

Finally found a use for my old collectors edition boxes as a bookend for my way too heavy for most other bookends art books section, which is more use than they've been to me for years 😂

Also spent way too long trying to think of the word bookend because my brain got stuck on bookstop, like doorstop I guess haha.

Every now and then I remember that we really did have grave robber icecreams when I was a kid, with candy skeleton pieces, and that it wasn't a fever dream.

Cool now I've made a watery mirror space place to watch movies in, and finished my first iteration of my clippy av, guess I've won VRChat and can move onto, I dunno, crochet next?

Bonus image from when initially I was like "Hmm can I mush together some photos from Pexels to make a hyper-realistic anime character" the blinking ruined me in the end on that train of action.

I did atrocious at pinball comp today but I got to play the 1980 Bally Space Invaders pinball machine 🤣 What a wild design. Bally had the licence for Space Invaders but there was a court case around how they also chose to rip off Alien, for some reason. It was released with a comic book with the interesting choice of some Alien with pinball machine genitalia... some marketing!

I was thinking about it the other day when I went to the release of the mythical chimera avatar haha, and then it came up in a memory!

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Wow it's been 7 years since this screenshot, when I was helping out updating the Sweetheart Ball (and a bunch of resizing stuff lol) in Furcadia!

In the screenshots, stuff I had upscaled and converted to 32-bit are the hedges, topiaries, dragon statue, large vines and stone seat.

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