@cinni I love these so much! Grungy almost reminds me of The Path <3

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homophobia, book banning, racism 

The best argument against banned books is to actually read the books that are frequently banned and challenged.

There are a bunch of books I'd rather not have in libraries or schools cus they are misleading or hateful, but those are not the books that get challenged.

Most of the time, the list of banned books is a great recommendation list for good queer-focused and anti-racist literature.

My biggest pet peeve at the moment is companies responding to negative reviews with "we've checked your name in our system and can't seem to find any purchases under your name", which strikes me as creepy, accusative and dismissive whenever I see it. Surely there's better ways to combat 'fake' reviews :s

@schappi Seriously though so many people half arse their graphs, in just ever-surprising new ways. It's a good thing to learn to be thorough with them haha!

@dustin That's so perfect it HAS to be intentional.... Right?!

@blissnet I've been wondering if I made the right choice in Splatoon 3 ever since I chose gear lol!

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@doctormo A fair point, even just that much is better than the reverse!

@doctormo Pretty much. The people least generous are those that view cooperation and the understanding of other humans as a sacrifice, rather than a way to grow better together as humanity. Our singular lives are only worthwhile if we can ensure as many others have the same tools to reach the heights that we have.

@tsvety Yeah by yext badge stickers I mean they were these sort of thing, like you'd expect to see as a seal.

I've been stubbornly trying to garden without grass, and by not poisoning my weeds, and it's a struggle for this indoorsy being. I think my end game idea is to have little stone paths through the bushes, but the current visual is just a sea of clumps and me spending hours weeding. Greatest thing has been that I haven't accidentally stood on my stinkweed this week, and that it's been hardy enough to survive me doing that so often.. This borderless gardening style is dangerous with my brain lol.

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looking for work 

Hello fedi, as I'm looking for work, would you please lend me a hand and spread the word?

In short, I can do Chinese--English / English--Chinese translations. And I'm pretty good at it.

I used to translate for the New York Times. After getting my PhD in physics, I worked for the publisher SpringerNature as an editor, but my experience there only further radicalised me against the unethical practice of "academic publishing", and I quitted.

My career in science also saw me accumulating 15+ years' experience with C/C++/Python, contributing to projects such as scipy, numpy, etc. That made me a decent tech writer of documentations, too.

I actually quite enjoy translating -- so much so that I have a page set up for that -> ko-fi.com/post/Index-to-the-po

Samples are available on request. I am capable of most commercial translation projects in Chinese/English. In my spare time, my language skills are further honed by my Ukrainian/Russian/French/Sanskrit/Old English projects.

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