The golden era

Here from Germany this change will come!
You can already hear how our feets drum.

This time nothing can hold us!
Too many lies we were told us!

The jug of Aquarius is wide open!
The Age of Pisces is thus broken!

This change it becomes truly divine!
The black sun does already shine!

The whole world is now changed by...


The coming day

The day when the gods awoke.
The day of the final stroke.

The day when the world knew.
The day prophecies came true.

The day when the good were assembled.
It was the day when da-evil trembled.

A day when the evil was jailed.
And when justice prevailed.

It was the beginning of the golden age.
And suddenly all evil was in a cage.

(written by KiBLS)


Day of Judgement

By enlightenment you'll see suddenly clear.
By enlightenment you'll dissolve any fear.

The process can take a very long time.
But it'll accelerate with a honest rhyme.

The times we live in seems to be wild.
Rulers act at the level of a little child.

Authorities abuse their power at every level.
And officials have made a deal with the...


Holy inner sun!

How can I describe something that nobody understands?
Something that never really began and never ends?

Something that has no form and nobody could ever kill.
Something that's more powerful than any red pill?

Today no one can still interpret the ancient truth!
Old people teach great humbug to an unwitting youth.

But I want to try to enlighten everything!
Believe me it will become fascinating!

A bright and yet dark sun is the...


Everyone can follow!

Yes! I know that I can!
I'll find my roots again!

Yes! I will connect with the nature.
I'll explore the whole portraiture.

Ancient knowledge and wisdom unfold.
A long time this has been just told.

The new age is not a religion or belief!
It's the end of all this misery and grief.

New seeds were already planted.
The world of thought is now...


Living in fear?

I speak to all who spread fear without solution:
For the evil you spread horror and confusion!

Stop complaining and make it better!
Spread true solutions e.g. via newsletter!

Health is the most important point these days!
Whole humanity is highly poisoned and going astray.

Those who live also in fear are like paralyzed.
They have not the complete...


Modern Ascension Day

At some time - one who will full awaken!
The whole world will be suddenly shaken.

Fully awakened through his own power.
He rings in the system's final hour.

Flying, transformation, spinning flashes.
He rises like a phoenix from his ashes.

The greatest miracle of modern times.
He enjoys the protection of sacred rhymes.

Every knowing one will...


Natural order

If they sting, nobody punishes the bees.
So, in nature there are no guarantees!

Everyone is free to do what they like.
They can play, dance, jump or hike.

Be an enemy of nature or a friend of the bees!
Sinking in your thoughts or climbing trees!

Play with nature and recognize it as alive!
And behind you stands "not only" a beehive!

Whether you run barefoot or with a single shoe.
It's entirely your choice what you wanna...


Reading symbols...

Those who do not know the whole and true story,
shouldn't interpret symbols with hate or glory!

Interpreting symbols wrong does not help anyone!
Nowadays fakers use stolen symbols like a gun!

Who thinks the sites are clearly defined by signs,
is not able to read between the modern lines!

He is controlled by evil and distributes its lies.
Half-truths are dangerous and help the evil to disguise!

All good and evil have long been...


Your exit!

Release yourself from all ties!
The exit is in front of your eyes!

Every vibration of the mind is like a tune.
Every thought may become a curse or boon!

So pay attention to every single thought!
In the end you'll benefit from it a lot!

So start to take your unique supremacy!
Just feel love to change your...


Of fairytales and legends

When viruses can be stopped by a simple rag.
Then a fence also protects against a fly attack.

If a virus can be found with a useless PCR test,
then a fever thermometer can find a parasite nest.

Hopefully you realize how stupid all this sounds?
And that a measuring tape can't measure your pounds!

Our scientists are just as dumb as a shoe!
And they all tell bullshit out of the blue!

The Bible describes the sign of...


Sanctus Rubedo

The journey leads through the deepest abysses.
Through pain and suffering in all sizes.

While I wandered around, I was still a sleeper.
And the path led me down only ever deeper.

Through experience I have optimized my rhymes.
And I laughed in the face of death many times.

I wandered a long time through the dark.
And finally I discovered the hidden spark.

I have seen through the eternal...


Past announcement

I remember when I was a small boy.
We often used the forest as a toy!

We built many forts and shacks.
And wandered off the beaten tracks.

We have built dikes along small streams!
And briefly we lived according to our dreams.

How quickly these times have now faded.
Today this old time looks like grey shaded.

Today it's all about money and time.
Everybody's always chasing the...


Towards the sun!

Connect with that what is!
To avoid any nasty tricks.

Just find your inner center!
Begin with an honest prayer!

If you just sit in nature,
you enjoy her pheromones pure!

Every answer you are looking for!
You will find by resting!

Sit quietly and barefoot on the floor,
after that you feel yourself lifted!

The Mycelial network welcomes you!
Have you now perceived its call for...


Private crowning glory

I've seen so long all the misery.
And thus I lifted the last mystery.

The desperation was so deep in me.
I felt the opposite of being free.

But when the chains got too tight,
they were broken by a shining light.

I had no external help, no prospect, no savior.
And suddenly, one little moment changed my...


Link up!

You are pure nature and all-knowing!
Develop yourself and keep on growing!

A mosaic is formed by many pieces.
And new clarity constantly increases.

He who controls the present, writes the past!
And so he can also change the future very fast!

Only here at this moment you are in control.
Come, I'll show you how to reach your goal.

I'll show you how to cross borders and grow.
What do you like? What do you want to...


Holy Alliance

The whole of history interwoven with lies.
But I have seen the truth with my eyes!

I have seen the hidden sun!
Now I am witness of the One!

Every old religion reports about it!
And every modern society doubts it.

Now the last veil will finally fall.
Now I hear clearly the holy call.

Everywhere are working sacred...


Welcome the golden age!

Through the dark night of the soul,
a lighting sun shines black as coal.

All your dreams are suddenly taken.
But that's how you'll really awaken.

We all slept so long and nicely.
I can still remember precisely!

Money and fame, power and greed.
But none of that is what we need!

Your new life can now be drawn!
Amazing times are about to...


The puppet player

They create a problem that even idiots recognise.
And wait until the masses together will rise.

Their puppets make it so uncomfortable,
that no country is any longer governable.

They play publicly with the fear and bullying.
And act with their whole credibility fully in.

They wait until there is enough chaos and confusion.
And offer a world government as...



It is only up to you if the new age,
will become just a new confined cage.

Your consciousness is the key!
To unlock the real infinity.

The decision is overdue and up to you.
A nasty way is replaced through a new.

Why be confined longer inside a cage.
Instead of entering into a new age?

Entertained with fictional fairy tales,
and lies that burn under the nails.

Consciously your acute mind can...


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