Here and now

A day may affect the week.
But the week also the day.

An hour can create your day.
But the day also the hour.

Every minute can shorten the hour.
But the hour also the minute.

A small moment can change your life.
But your life can also change the moment!

(written by KiBLS)


Roots which sprout

Now I can feel them growing!
Verses with a deeper knowing.

Many words are spinning in my mind.
Verses are harmoniously aligned.

Dreams I thought I'd never see.
They're presenting....


Global illusions

You know that the chair is only an illusion!
You know that the world is full of confusion.

Everything is mirrored to the outside!
Whether cold, warm, black or white!

It doesn't matter if something is round or flat!
Both perspectives.....


Stop complaining!

Grumbling and hypocrisy are in fashion.
Nowadays, many have found this a passion.

He who acts hypocritically also acts wrongly!
And feels inwardly torn and less strongly!

The one who is....


An endless doctrine

The noose is slowly being tightened,
and ever more people are frightened.

They do not believe what they can see,
because everything develops just crazy.

Many people feel reminded of the past,
they thought these times had passed.

But history is...


Creative power of thoughts

Wherever I go, there is no darkness.
Because I create the light!

Wherever I go, there is no pain.
Because I create happiness!

Wherever I go, there is no hatred.
Because I create love!

Wherever I go, there's no nothingness.
Because I create "everything"!

(written by KiBLS)


Please vaccinate me!

Can you give me an injection, please?
I just have fear, I don't have a real disease.

I don't care what it does or what it contains.
Heavy metals are anyway spread in all brains.

I am so grateful that it doesn't cost any money.
It feels like divine nectar...


Signs in "modern clouds"

They're just prophecies for the blind.
For the initiated, everything is aligned.

Even the most sacred idol fades away,
when your inner voice starts to pray.

It works like an earwig in your head,
and suddenly you'll see the living dead.

All this had been known for a long time,
and here I describe it again with a rhyme.

You are part...


A lightful journey

Many lights are starting to glow.
Many people are starting to know.

All lights are getting brighter.
The whole reality act as igniter.

The wheel of fate is now spinning.
The end.....


Leading by example

Even a small light illuminates the darkness,
and many together bring back the brightness.

Even as a small light you can grow and shine,
and at a certain point....


Now rise up!

I don't want to speak a wrong word.
I want to fly higher than a bird!

I want to achieve the unattainable.
I want to understand the unexplainable.

I want to break every imaginary limit.
And enjoy this with every minute.

I have kindled the fire within me.
I want to know what it brings me.

By spreading my sacred wings,
I'll surpass all previous kings.

(written by KiBLS)


Break old patterns!

Most people act according to their conditioning.
And very rarely question their positioning.

After all, one has learned these things.
And this from "true scientific kings".

But we all need to question those illusions,
to expose these entrenched delusions.

And we should not


We know!

We are no longer in search.
Especially in no church.

The alpha and the omega.
Leads us soon into a new era.

An indescribable change is imminent.
It's predestined and very significant.

Unimaginable for the most.
For many, frightening as a ghost.

But nobody has anything to fear!
And nobody has to shed a single tear.

Time to laugh at what you thought.
That time has passed, the lesson taught.

(written by KiBLS and Deceptions)


Hold on or let go?

By giving up something old,
something new can unfold.

By finally letting go,
something new can grow.

He who lets go gains new,
and can recognize the true.

Anything flows in one stream.
Reality becomes like a dream.

The dream is under your control!
Thereby know thyself is the goal!

(written by KiBLS)

Written: ~2022 | Published: 27.06.2022

Natural lightning conductor

Walk barefoot, it will ground you!
But this technique is nothing new!

All our ancient ancestors knew it.
But our modern society blew it.

Tight socks impede the blood circulation.
Without them your feet can feel a salvation.

Every modern radiation that can be found.
Are simply discharged into the ground.

Start to feel the earth and feel protected!
Thus your whole energy field will be corrected.

(written by KiBLS)


Written intents

Please listen what we have to say!
Many fight for survival every day.

You can see misery wherever you look.
Nowadays people love to disguise a crook.

About so many lies were already spoken.
Thereby whole families became broken.



Towards the sun!

Connect with that what is!
To avoid any nasty tricks.

Just find your inner center!
Begin with an honest prayer!

If you just sit in nature,
you enjoy her pheromones pure!

Every answer you are looking for!
You will find by resting!

Sit quietly and barefoot on the floor,
after that you feel yourself lifted!

The Mycelial network.....


Historical Task

I can imagine no prouder task,
to describe the end of every mask.

I announce the beginning of a new age,
in the book of life - just a new page!

What awaits us has long been proclaimed!
In many old stories it became framed.

It really did come at a high price!
But it will become....


Ascend in the moment

You don't notice your own decay,
when stress makes your hair turn grey.

Permanently only the time in view.
Always looking for something new.

Distracted with the daily grind.
Forgetting how to nourish the mind.

Rushing through life like it is a race.
Not noticing life’s beauty and grace.

Don’t live in the future, it’s uncertain.
Be present before it’s the final curtain.

(written by KiBLS and Bart23)


Antonym Reflectionality

How will everything change and when?
This day is now almost over again.

I feel ready for the great transmit!
When will I be able to feel just some of it?

Please tell me....


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