So apparently this subjective afterlife concept was actually been done by some movie before? Damn, I already made a whole au gc, guess it's too late now.

What do i even want to gain from this? Why am i animating for someone's birthday? Why did i even make myself do this in the first place?


Starting to believe my "simple" artstyle is actually good cause im literally animating frame-by-frame with no experience


So... what if i be an arsenal bird and get like exactly 80 people to be the mq-101 drones into a group chat... hm

im working on a cool birthday gift for someone

I somehow want to make something where i post submissions daily, all on the topic of "What is YOUR contribution to the internet today?"

Hey guys it's jeff bezos in my giant arsenal bird and i heard someone ordered a package and i wasnt able to get it on time, but do not worry cause i am here with the package it is death you will now die cease to be /ref

I sound like a weird poorly made side character

FIGURATIVE drugs and overdosing 

Attention is a drug that i have been guilty of overdosing (and wanting to overdose) on

Another positive thing!! I aced my remedial test in Math!! 20 points. So 22/40 plus 15, that makes 37/40!!!!

I have been journaling for 5 years, although inconsistently. I love my journal. It is an amazing place where I can talk about anything. I also have a journal in my website too, but up to this day, I still don't know what should I actually put there cause I already have a physical one. Site updates? Not really keen on that. Internet adventures and plans? Sure. I just need more interesting things to happen. I do want to post there every day.

yes that cover photo is where i want to work in

CW!! ww2 germany and that one union 

do people still ship tr and ussr??/? i hope not honestly..... and yes, that is a thing, i am surprised if you do not know

BBUT HUMAN COUNTRIES/?????///??///?/ 🥺
(shipping countries sucks tho)

Don't judge, I'm not that good with answering questions like this

Needa post something more positive/normal here, don't ya think?

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