Pondering whether changing my name (again) would potentially be more or less disruptive than full blown identity theft…..

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“2022, now with the biggest data breach your country’s ever seen!”


I don’t really have the energy for much right now other than playing beautiful katamari and daydreaming about things that will mostly never happen… and planting stars on people’s posts to show them I still care…

someone kind gave me flowers (a lovelier form of bandage). I had nowhere to keep them while at work so left them in my car, and came back hours later to the scent of lilies, orchids, and roses…

when did the walls that keep me from myself grow so thick, and the handholds with which to climb out so far from reach?

I had forgotten how well I respond to Shakespeare…

I visited the botanical garden yesterday and saw this giant installation called "l'expedition végétale", thought that some of you might appreciate the solarpunk aesthetics of it :)

thought I was getting better, then today I’m back to not being able to breathe again…


on the plus side, an internet writer friend from the 90s realised I’d stealthily joined their updates newsletter, sent me a really nice email, and bought another copy of my book. Now I just need enough energy to answer the email, because it really did make me smile.

(Re the last “boost”)… one of my astronomy teachers at uni was from China and always referred to them as a “guest star”. Now I know why. 💫

learned recently that the sino-japanese word ancient and medieval astronomers used to describe transient stellar phenomena like comets and supernovae is 「客星」, "guest star," which is just a delightful term

I do hope that’s my high intensity health anxiety kicking in at the very thought of it and not actual covid that’s making it hard to breathe right now.

Waiting on test results and feeling sorry for myself.

I’ve now had *two* work colleagues separately but with equal enthusiasm recommend Oyasumi Punpun to me …

early prediction: War of the Rohirrim to be > Amazon’s tolkien efforts that I’m no longer paying all that much attention to (because of disappointment re canon/naming&linguistic/production value issues, not diversity etc)

I wish I could do nice things for people but I’m only a locked birdcage for stories right now….

finished (re)watching my favourite tv series and I wish I could hold on to this feeling forever

feeling more&more alienated at work and so homesick for Victoria.

It’s so noisy here today I just want to curl up in a hedgehog ball

today I remembered how I bond too quickly with inanimate (ie digital) objects. (Neopets was traumatic back in the day.)

I just joined wobble.town to feed a friend’s starving 1s and 0s thingy (I have no wish to create one of my own, because I can do without the distress) but now I have to wait god knows how long to feed this sad nonexistent creature?!? Gah! 🥺

work-related grumpiness at random newbies aside, I wish I could do something to help the palindrome girl feel better. winning lotto to pay her medical bills (anonymously of course ;p) might be a good start …

Like seriously, it is up there with the sound of people who eat with their mouths open.

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