telling one of your employees with mental health issues that after 5 minutes in their company someone accused them of having a personality disorder that legit makes them a horrible person is on par with telling one of your employees recovering from an eating disorder “that person said you’re fat”. Poisonous, and completely not necessary.

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and now I’ve gotten that out of my system I hope to return to being myself xx

@lilliphilia *jaw drop* ...I...just brain is searching for a swear word that suffices, but I'm coming up empty. lordy me. >:(

@evenstar /hugs I know, I know.

if there’s anything good to come of this I think I’m finally waking up &realising that I just don’t belong there, anymore than a fox among a supermarket aisle, heh. &while I’m not perfect it’s not that there’s something Wrong with me & I need to stop hating myself for it. You &the rose (& the small one who is actually not small at all anymore o.o;;) help remind me of that, just by being. xx

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