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Suddenly I know people who like actual ( not computer ) rpgs and trying to introduce them to Changeling: The Dreaming so I can *finally* play it!

today’s dream job: selling cute stationary from a little cart in a land of long ago…

&finally (for tonight)
you come cloaked in the grey ash of a supernova—
iridescent wings cloaking your sight—
& I have only a scattering of stars to lay at your feet, like pennies for a street-siren;
What can I say? not much, I guess
but lay here in the dark
&breathe, again

confession 2.0:
in between the apocalypse dreams
I’m in love with the palindrome girl.

if you thought you needed to have “something of lofty and great worth” to say before you even begin to write, then the Critics have already won
and by “you” i of course mean me, because if I think on it too long why would anyone *care* what i have to say?
&that is a horrifically crippling thought…

I’m too brief here to be meaningful. this is just a reflection in a puddle. but jumping in puddles can be fun, nevertheless

Ok I might be daring to get a little bit teeny tiny excited for Starfield.

Maybe ;p

just did a {that-search-engine} image lookup for 'autumn in Ballarat' and made myself quietly pathetically homesick again.

don't feel sorry for me, though. don't even laugh. it's a necessary part of my will to live.

apparently Funkwhale (possible via is the next thing I need to check out. 🎵

one of the ways I've overcome my anxiety regarding being around other people is to believe in that moment I'm an inanimate object, like a plant pot. That way I don't freak out over why random strangers might be staring at me. It also helps me remember that just because I'm out in public, that doesn't mean I've given anyone permission for interaction.

the kind of night where even the sound of the highway feels lonely enough to break your heart…

guess I'm downloading OpenOffice in lieu of installing a newer version of my OS that will run any other kind of word processor/spreadsheet/etc package.

my OS is *quite* overdue for a clean install; I'm just too lazy to download all my Logic Pro soundsets & configure my htaccess/htdocs files again 😭

I told myself I'd pick one program, ONE, for note-taking for my fiction projects. Instead here I am surrounded by apps across multiple platforms, html files, and single sheets of paper spilling over my desk u.u;

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if I procrastinate by tearing out the thorns by writing journal entries on the Smol Pub I guess that counts for something too, right? 😅

in less angsty news, a small cat with big purrs booping your nose is one of life’s sweeter experiences =^*^=

well I updated my & did housecleaning of nefaerien dot net. It’s a start.

Funny how my last flurry of creativity coincided with two months of paid lockdown.

This is encouraging, though, for future reference. It means my recovery time once the chains are removed & the screaming ceases is no more than a week or two. &I can usually get *something* done on a day off now, not just vegetate/shiver on standby in recovery mode.

I’d forgotten how much I hate the smell of ballpoint pen on cheap ruled notebook paper…

triggers are odd things, indeed =.=

was about to give someone a flyby/throwaway compliment on their website design, then luckily I saw the "do not interact" if you're > this arbitrary age tag.

I get not wanting creepers (who does?) but never mind the fact that the aesthetics they were riffing off were all made by > this arbitrary age tag & I'm reminded that some of this "old web" faux nostalgia stuff really is just playing pretend.

oh well. carry on...

Working on the "it'll do" css for my page.

I'd forgotten how much I liked Trebuchet MS. It was my font of choice in the late 90s/early 2000s (over the more common choice of designers: Verdana).

mostly chasing other fox-kin around the internet tbqh 🦊 🌟


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