my favorite things about myself are my basic troubleshooting skills

everybody gangsta til the concepts become things

A revolutionary productivity system based around my cats wanting to cuddle or not

i was on vacation, now i'm back from vacation

listening to my bloody valentine on a plane is a great idea
the plane sounds blend in with the music

i've been eating a lot of tacos lately 😩 👌

it's been a tough week full of heartbreak and procrastination.

every morning for the past 3 weeks i have been doing a journaling technique called 'the morning pages'.

they're 3 pages of uninterrupted stream-of-consciousness writing every morning

it's to get your thoughts out of your head and into paper, no matter how dumb or cringy or problematic they are. this causes you to feel lighter and more alert throughout the day

the morning pages are meant to be private. it's a technique from a book called 'the artist's way'

it has done wonders for my anxiety.

hi there! i'm trying to diversify my online identity. i have no idea what that really means but it sounds like it makes sense. a fresh start is needed every once in a while!


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