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I've also included a few examples of using videogrep from within python, like this script which makes supercuts from youtube searches:

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can someone please find a way host this on a fedi instance?????? i am begging you

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"People overestimate what they can do in one day and underestimate what they can do in one month"

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Everyone: Big Tech should support #FLOSS developers, who develop tools Big Tech was built on, so that important FLOSS projects are well-maintained, quickly patched, and secure.

Google: pay us to access versions of open-source software we audited ourselves.

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One thing you realize when you go through the actual data on your social media not filtered through an algorithm is how small your quality interactions with people were in comparison to the noise. They make you feel like you'd be losing thousands of "friends" but none of us have the attention span to keep up with that many people and your data history will show that there's like a dozen ppl at a time you had deep connections with. Putting the noise away and letting go makes room for quality time

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Hit the big red button and started deleting my Facebook account today. Compared to the data archive you get from Twitter, the stuff Facebook keeps on you is insane... everything down to which stickers and emoji you used in your entire chat history. It's unrealistic to stay off the giants completely but consider making a fresh account on them periodically and not keeping 15 years of data for them to connect to whatever new ventures and biometric stuff they get into.

refreshingly frank and accurate look at the ordinary
"metaverse" as it exists in vrchat

corporations' nonprofit funding is always carefully positioned to help solve a different problem than the ones they contribute to. So I invented a fractionalized token marketplace where they can invest in cleaning up each others dirty work and speculate on negative externalities. its called DeCentipede

Father. Husband. Multipurpose Cleaner Purchaser. St Patricks Day Celebrator.

marketing inference data from the package of data Spotify lets you download. anyone know what "do not use in 2021" refers to? proud cord cutter here

So many of these metaverse/immersive platforms are going to be wastelands and digital ruins within a decade. I hope someone is already thinking about preserving them. I think ppl will look back on them fondly once they are less hyped/threatening we can walk through the ruins.

soulseek music chatrooms are pretty interesting way to discover music compared to spotify lol

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