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why do people say their birth year instead of their age im not doing the mental math in my head sorry

"Would Max Stirner Be Pro Kinnie Or Anti Kinnie" - the greatest thread in the history of forums, locked by a moderator after 12,239 pages of heated debate,

randomly remembered america had a gay president who was also a centrist on/an advocate for "state's rights" for slavery

playing rhythm tengoku for the first time and actually i love the quiz minigame. its the only rhythm heaven minigame that has the plot of a twilight zone episode

if anyone interprets this as "theres nothing wrong with the world today and neoliberalism is good" that is not what i am saying like at all

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people who say "our society is too lazy and coddled today, our ancestors would be ashamed" are so ridiculous. my ancestors faced war, famine, illness, and persecution, they would be delighted that i'm able to go buy sugary cereal and snack on it while playing funny computer games all while having the amenities i need and being safe from harm

idk the leveling of political stuff to "content" in the same way like, video game or art streams are is pretty different for me from, say, propaganda w/ an image in mind imo. the media themselves both compel people to react to them very differently, maybe condensing everything to recognizable bite-size pieces of "content" isn't the best idea

if anything i suppose they're the best as stepping stones to get people to look further into stuff

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and keeping up an image to entertain people means compromising some more "extreme" political takes for the sake of ur image

c. there's no actual guarantee that what you're saying will make any sort of meaningful change, given that the state of social media doesn't allow for much nuance, and given points a and b calling people to action can be difficult if you don't have a specific goal in mind

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really do not understand the phenomenon of political streamers/youtubers like sure it's a good way to easily teach people abt stuff but

a. you'll always be limited to the tos of the website you're using, and given the state of the popular corporate internet this would prevent you from saying anything that is too against the Current Establishment if you want a sizable audience

b. you're an entertainer first and foremost so you're gonna have to prioritize your own form of making money/donations

the moral is none of this matters and stop making podcasts about it

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i think the appeal of them wasnt that they were scary (childhood fears but Fucked Up is a very overplayed horror trope to begin with) but that it was an individual copy that was weird/hard/glitchy on purpose, pretty much the same reason people mod in/have challenges

that being said ive always wanted to try playing pirated earthbound, u can probably trick a rom/emulator into it

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like this fake one someone made of rhythm heaven where the level just ends after the tutorial. like stuff like that is infinitely more interesting

that being said if i ever made a game id make the anti piracy thing just a video of me saying "hey if u cant afford it its cool, i've done the same thing before. spread the word about my game if u can though, otherwise enjoy"

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god those like. fake creepypasta anti piracy screens that were going around a bit ago are so lame. it's always like fake mario blood and saying hes gonna kill you its always just too unrealistic and trope-y to be scary

real anti piracy stuff was mostly just like. weird glitches and making the game harder on purpose which would be more fun to spoof honestly, like little things thatd make a game more frustrating

i suppose it's like the past version of ipad babies, in a way, except instead of weird randomly generated videos with characters from popular franchises getting dental surgery its weird extremely scripted white dudes rapping about bike safety

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what always confuses me abt those like. 80s 90s individually made safety/educational tapes is where did they show would parents buy them to show their kids. thats weird especially if its something u can teach ur kid without a video tape...were they shown at schools....did parents just look in the "safety" section of blockbuster for individual videos to show their kids

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