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as always when i make vague posts like this it's never about a specific situation and more about general patterns of behavior i see

on the one hand treating things like fascism, imperialism, etc on an "equal basis" grants them legitimacy, on the other, defensive irony with no understanding means that you're just being dogmatic. wish this was understood & people didn't put so much weight on jokes and being funny as some sort of revolutionary force

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defensive irony is really just the lamest thing ever, tricking yourself that responding to an argument you don't agree with (no matter how stupid it is) with a joke or ad hominem and that if you do that you "won" because the other person is being ~so ridiculous~ and not seeing how that reduces your capacity for critical thinking is a plague

saw (band my bf likes) in a concert with him ... and my misophonia didnt give me a hard time........hell yeah

so weird to hear about us politics and issues when i'm technically not living in the us for most of the time anymore

i have the knee-jerk reaction of "this is my country and affects me" and it like. doesnt

i want another thing like what happened in like 1995-2005 where every piece of media targeted boys who wore shirts like "i hate my sister and homework i love video games"

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undertale was good and all but the animation & games industries really need to take a breather from "what if this kids thing was fucked up" and "what if these cute characters made analogies to mental illness" for a while because damn

i personally prefer umatrix but i like to set up my friends/bf who are beginners at adblocking w/ ublock because its easier to use generally

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i used to be really into lupin...i miss it omg

i saw a bunch of lupin merch at the mall on saturday??? which was odd because i have never seen any lupin merch like. ever. outside of cons or the internet

finally got to install ublock + decentraleyes on my bf's pc...only to discover that he uses microsoft edge. how do u live like that

those are pretty low-key examples but this also translates into forgetting historical context, which means thinking of things as then/now/later, which means falling for past good/future bad or vice versa dichotomies, which makes u ripe for the picking for conspiracy theories and general worldviews colored by misguided scapegoating

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i have to say one of the worst qualities of human consciousness is the assigning of historical periods as "eras" in which everyone all did one thing and specific things can only be "appreciated" or "created" in one era specifically

like yes im sure everyone in the 1840s-1900s wore corsetsand hated sex. im sure no one liked breakcore in the 1990s when it was invented and its a zoomer thing because only 2020s people like it

also something especially marketed like that will cost higher lol

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is there a market for youtuber/tiktoker/streamer laptops nowadays? i don't see what buying a specialized laptop for that serves when u can just learn about laptops yourself and get one that suits ur needs

also by "nationalism" i don't mean "people who are enthusiastic about the country they're from" as much as i do "people who are american and exist as americans without any significant exposure to other nationalities"

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people in other countries (canada for example) may define themselves as being their nationality and being in relation to other nationalities, but americans don't define themselves like that at all, they're just there, and every other nationality is a curiosity. other nationalities who want to compete are intruding on their space, which is more of a static archetype than a relation

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fun thing i had to explain to my bf: americans come off to people as excessively advertising themselves as americans, but americans see themselves as the "default" or don't think too hard about their nationality, while seeing everyone else as foreign. even the "proud to be an american" types don't see themselves as american in the same way because at the end of the day, modern american nationalism is based in a feeling of self-evidency and not having to define your nationality

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