My life seems to be going in one of those cycles where I forget the Internet exists... and I don't hate that.

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So if cassettes had certain advantages, why are they nowadays a distant 3rd after vinyl and CDs?

The answer is that cassettes have three problems:

1. Premium decks are no longer being made
2. Premium tape is no longer being made
3. Most pre-recorded tapes today don't even have noise cancellation

Do I still enjoy them? Yes—but almost anything you buy new is light years away from experience audiophiles had in the 80s and 90s.

Whatever you receive off Bandcamp, take it with a grain of salt.

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brain is also like, "Let's look up inspiration to turn a Honda Fit into a tiny camper van!"

And then I'm like, "Yes, but if you wanted to do that, you should have be watching these videos months ago...."

Trying to motivate to start packing for spring/summer adventures, and brain is like... "But I wanna work on my website instead!"

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It used to be (more) common for people to write HTML in a way where it would (also) look good in a Terminal based web browser.

It used to be (more) common for people to write HTML & CSS in a way where it would (still) look good if the CSS was not applied.

It used to be (more) common for people to write HTML & JavaScript in a way where it would (still) look good & (still) work if the JavaScript wasn't executed.

Those don't seem to be the norm nowadays.

Thinking a lot today about online communication patterns between people, and how sometimes misunderstandings and tension can happen because people have disparately different patterns with social media, DMs, texting, etc.

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Today is ! Check out my last Ep (and the rest of my music if you want) with this link:

Since it's here is a thread of a few of my friends who deserve some love.

Roots, Rhythm, & Dub - Fusion.

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Call me crazy, but maybe free speech isn't about choosing the "right" billionaire or government to protect it.

Maybe if we want free speech, we should make it impossible for billionaires and governments to shut it down.

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Does anybody know of a good tutorial for how inheritance works with in ? And/or can take 5 minutes to talk me through it?

I gotta be missing something... I don't want to entirely override the SASS of my base theme, just add to it.

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My simple principles of making your time online a bit happier.

Read the whole post or thread.
Ask questions kindly.
Remember that not every post is for you.
You don't need to reply.
Don't worry what others think.
Write your own posts.
Speak with good motivation.
Let go of seeking praise.
Let go of avoiding blame.
Don't let others decide your worth.

#feditips #happiness

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For a brief moment in the 60s, rock bands were like, "Indian music is fantastic—let's put sitars and tablas in everything!"

And we collectively just forgot about that.

Meanwhile in India, they continue making the world's best party music.

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You may have seen in the news yesterday that Cameo, the site where C-list celebrities get paid to send birthday greetings to tooth-grindingly dull people, just laid off 87 people -- 25% of its total staff.

If you're like me, your reaction to this news went like this:

1. Wait, Cameo employs 400 people?
2. What the hell?

Which gives us a good starting point to talk about the weird dynamics of venture capital! So let's do. ( 🧵 )

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