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The Megalovania (Trombone Champ Remix) custom modchart is finally available for download!!

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RT + WISHLIST on Steam for a chance to win a Steam copy of Shovel Knight Dig (out 9/23)
Steam Page: bit.ly/3Uv8f7x

Tag a friend, 5 winners chosen on 9/29 @ 6 PM PT. Get ready to DIG into ’s newest adventure by @YachtClubGames & @Nitrome

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tumblr makes first positive social media policy decision possibly ever?

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this is what happens if you can't touch-type

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This one piece QnA will always make me laugh 😭😭

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spamton’s introduction, from the original deltarune novel (R.F. Fox, published 1953)

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@spacetwinks Never got into Jerkcity and only know it as the comic with the Tall Spamton 😌

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Another set of covers done!
Got any suggestions?

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as foretold
the Prophecy has been fulfilled

with DANCE aROUND, Konami has inadvertently created nothing less than the world's most wheelchair accessible arcade dancing game

funny how steam added charts and no one is talking about it because of everyting else

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Sexts are by nature kind of silly because we're all trying to verbalize the wolf whose eyeballs pop out awooga style, which is fundamentally beyond language

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sometimes you leave your office and you come back and find your cat leading a discussion in your discord

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