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Enter for a PAC-MAN birthday prize pack, including a PAC-MAN @NanoblockUS set, while you still can!

To enter, follow @officialpacman, like this tweet, and QT it with the & hashtags! Today’s your last chance to enter!

Check out the rules below 👇

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MEDIEVAL PEASANT: "Deathe Grippes" Doth Go Sort Off Harde I' Guesse. Play the Pocket Monstres Soundtrack Againne

ME: (sobbing) what the fuck you're supposed to spontaneously combust

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It is the year 2035. After over a decade of excessive spending on the Avatar sequels, James Cameron has been fired from the Titanic franchise and replaced by Michael Bay. As the stunt co-ordinator, your mission is simple... twitter.com/Nick_Solari/status

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After 30 years, the world can now play the lost Marble Madness II - a lost rom emerges tmblr.co/Z4QQBSc2w9z4Ki00

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Want to easily fish out bots on LinkedIn? Insert a Unicode RIGHT-TO-LEFT OVERRIDE (U+202E) at the end of your first name and a POP DIRECTIONAL FORMATTING (U+202C) at the start of your last name. Your *full name* will render normally, but when your first name gets copy/pasted...

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im gonna feature more game dev stuff on the show because it feels nice, is a good way to highlight individual creators and because devs do a lot of really goofy sick stuff in Unreal Engine 5

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Putting out a call to all Playstation Vita holders. If you own PlayStation Mobile (PSM) games, please contact me - we are currently trying to archive them before they are lost forever, as PSM games no longer have an activation server.

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