hey guys can you go to rina.fun/ and click on admin login tell me what it shows you ^_^

lol some people on twitter are trying to push "femboy" as a slur. go touch some grass PLEASE.

femboys are literally GNC guys lmao. they aren't transgirls lol. only because some braindead people use femboy as derogatory term for transgirls, doesn't mean its a slur. not every offensive term is a slur.

twitter gives me such a headache sometimes

might have to revert my wesbite to use more conventional image format. even after adding this

background-image: url("../img/avi.avifs");
background-image: -webkit-image-set("../img/avi.avifs" type("image/avif"),
"../img/avi.png" type("image/png"));
background-image: image-set("../img/avi.avifs" type("image/avif"),
"../img/avi.png" type("image/png"));

it still breaks in some browsers. ig ill have to wait some time lol

i think i've let this community down.. from super-retro looking website, i ended up on something semi-morden-looking, but now im even on the bleeding edge... all images on my website are now AVIF format which is super experimental/new

i dropped the "retro" design a while ago but i think my website is very cute this way :D

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giving americans internet access was a misstake...

i was vibing on tiktok, and some dumb american teens tried cancelling a slavic person for braiding their hair??? braids are also a part of slavic culture. it isn't just an african-american thing. but y'all only know how to fight ppl on the internet and nothing else.

i dont even dare post this on twitter, people would be mad mad

sometimes i wonder why i even use twitter. calling someone who bullied someone else1 a cunt *indirectly* while talking to someone else2 is hateful enough to get u restricted. what the fuck man

i’m genuinely obsessed with my cat-paw grips!! cutest thing i’ve ever ordered!!!

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gofund.me/a6a1425a man i hate asking for mutual aid but i'm struggling a lot rn - anything helps!

as much as i dislike modern social media, i still find myself on conventional social media more, then on here. im just used to centralized shit +most people i know are on there. and people won’t change apps just for me so.. sorry for inactivity

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my custom start page is *almost* there but i havent been able to find a cool notes/sticky app to embed in it >:-/ (u CAN technically embed google docs in an iframe but it sucks ass) also second guessing the 3 columns layout vs just one column.. HMM

hoodies in summer?

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