hey :catscream: guys :crmoon: i :crtprompt: added :glowstick: some :shstar: custom :spellbook: emojis :fullmoon: to :dontat: the :ms_wand: server!!! :mj:

after a day of fighting with php, I have a much more polished version of the link directory I've been working on: tmp.sadgrl.online/yester-surfe

If you want to submit some websites, you can here: tmp.sadgrl.online/yester-surfe

The url will definitely change when it goes fully live, but for now I'd like to beta-test the actual functionality!!

I plan on hopefully also making a similar setup to my websurfer project so you can 'surf' through pages... but I'm not quite there yet!

linux makes me feel really good sometimes but sometimes it makes me cry 😭

I would love to have a Physical server but I don't know Anyone who actually owns property

I think I finally realized why I'm terrible at microblogging. I can either write one line or 5000 but nowhere in-between

(also I am aware that I could probably done this with the rclone CLI interface but I don't trust myself with that much power just yet)

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i FINALLY have a good local setup to edit and push changes to my site. i ended up using rclone and rclone-browser (the latter which is no longer maintained - but hey it still works!)

then, I downloaded a copy of my site locally. now, when I make a change, I just open rclone-browser and click 'upload', tweak two small changes and then click 'sync' and it will sync ONLY the pages I changed!!!!

working locally will allow me to find/replace stuff across all of my pages, so I don't even need a SSG!

it seems like 99% of the self-hostable FOSS stuff requires an insane amount of setup: installing dependencies, building the app yourself, etc.

every once in a while i come across a unicorn that has a single command to get everything set up. is this as complicated for devs to implement as it seems?

why are apps SO HUGE? i tried self-hosting getsiteinspector.com/ on my webserver which literally just checks your site your broken links and it somehow maxes out my RAM and CPU 😭

like. something like this should NOT be enormous!!

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there is literally no human endeavour that cannot be improved by removing the influence of everyone who's in it for the money

to the immediately obvious objection to this: many human endeavours can be improved by being eliminated with nothing to replace them

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