the moment i set out to write a poem, i forget every word that ever existed 😭

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my brain was literally like "what if I just write what comes to mind and make a poem out of it?" all of a sudden, thoughts GONE. not a single one. empty

@sadness similar thing happens when i sit down and try to write something in my diary :(

@sadness Same thing happens to me when I try to write out stories or fan fic.....

@sadness God, I feel that. I feel like the way around it comes when you try long enough and consistently enough that when words *do* come to you, you can note them down to be used later. Brainstorming then becomes a passive thing, and composition is its own step further down the line.

@vanilla I absolutely agree! This has 100% been my experience with writing and especially poetry. At one point in my life, I had gotten to the point where poems just "came to me" as thoughts, and god I'd love to get back there again. It only happened because I was writing every day. I know that's what I gotta do!

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