i'm so sorry I'm terrible at using twitter-likes but i promise I am still alive and fighting the good fight 🥳

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@sadness lol same, I just logged in to see I had notifs from two weeks ago oops

@sadness i can assure you that you have been using Fedi quite well! Just post what you want, be genuine (i.e. don't worry about "building a personal brand" or do marketing), and be respectful. It's difficult to do this "wrong". You don't have to post regularly. You're already a pro!

@Seirdy haha thank you!! that makes me feel a bit better, I definitely want nothing to do with personal brands!

@sadness what kind of social media do you feel you use best? Just out of curiosity

@honiden aside from Discord and Neocities... I hate to admit this but Reddit is my weakness. i just barely consider it social media though, and I lurk way more than I talk but sometimes I just find that I learn really cool stuff on there !

@sadness I see, thanks! I'm not really a user of reddit but it really looks like a useful social

@sadness don't worry about it, I think I'm pretty oof at using mastodon too, but it's nice to check on peeps every once and awhile and it's leaps and bounds better than the bird word app
U good homie 👌✨

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