@cinni thank you!! :catsmile: i saw a lot of the old ones didn't work anymore

I made a forum signature maker in JS~ sadgrl.online/graphics/forum-s 👀 I wonder why I would need such a thing.... :shstar:

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Installing an adblocker is the gateway drug into anti-consumerism, which is in turn the gateway drug into anti-capitalism.

Tell all your friends how to install adblockers.

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The other day I released some new songs on my bandcamp! Help me out by sharing it 😀

@KirilMisnikov oh I didn't make this haha it's an avatar from a virtual app called zepeto!! I wish I could make something like this though !!

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Decentralization is not the goal. The goal is information and communication services that respect human agency.

Open source is not the goal, the goal is building a commons of software that is free to study, inspect, and improve.

I feel like, as implementors, as people who spend our lives in the digital crawlspaces focused on the details; its easy to lose sight of the why behind the how. I think important to periodically step back and refocus on why we are doing things the way we are doing. What is the desired world state?

@vanilla I absolutely agree! This has 100% been my experience with writing and especially poetry. At one point in my life, I had gotten to the point where poems just "came to me" as thoughts, and god I'd love to get back there again. It only happened because I was writing every day. I know that's what I gotta do!

my brain was literally like "what if I just write what comes to mind and make a poem out of it?" all of a sudden, thoughts GONE. not a single one. empty

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the moment i set out to write a poem, i forget every word that ever existed 😭

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quotes/notes from The Straight Mind by Monique Wittig 

there are lesbians who affirm that “women and men are different species or races (the words are used interchangeably): men are biologically inferior to women; male violence is a biological inevitability . . .” By doing this, by admitting that there is a “natural” division between women and men, we naturalize history, we assume that “men” and “women” have always existed and will always exist.

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imperfection sets us all in motion. if we dismiss potential sources of knowledge because of their imperfections, how will we ever learn? if we refuse to move forward because of potential mistakes, how will we ever advance?

@evenstar ty for letting me know!! I will definitely correct that!

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