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The first shop on the ! As I finish the others I will post them here 😀.

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When a success of a tech company depends on it securing funding or being bought by a bigger company, and not on actual sales of the product they make, then the products are no longer being optimized for usefulness, but instead they cater to the very poor imaginations of risk-averse investors. This is why all smart phones released in a given year are identical down to the radius of their rounded corners. We are building the future as imagined by the least imaginative among us.


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The current financial system is centralizing political and economic power in a manner that is draining or destroying living equity—people, plants, animals, and our natural resources—as well as the financial equity of many people worldwide. We liken these forces to a tapeworm, a parasite that grows stronger as we feed it. Like a tapeworm, these forces inject addictive substances into our system that we have allowed to incentivize us to participate in what makes the tapeworm strong. As we do, we are drained until we perish. How do we stop a parasitic economy? We have come to understand that most instances of fighting or confronting centralized authority, or trying to reason with it, only add to its power and deplete our enthusiasm and resources. There is a better way—one that shifts the flow of energy back to us. First we must each recognize our own individual role in supporting a centralizing financial and corporate system, and understand how we are connected to it and how we feed it. With this understanding, we can detach and cleanse it from our lives. We can cleanse it from our thoughts, our habits, our home, and our family. We can cleanse it from our transactions—our bank deposits, media and consumer purchases, donations, and investments. We can cleanse it through our participation in the governance of our local political, civic, spiritual, and economic systems as well other private institutions in which we are involved.

I made a twitter bot that posts one link from at random every day!!

peep this awesome video about the small web! it mentions us a bunch <3

ty everyone for the lovely birthday wishes!! <3 <3 i am officially thurty

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know any cool links? i'm working on a new(ish) project :o

you can submit good websites here!!

I made a guide for making your website responsive! Please let me know if this helps in any way :ms_wand:

@aw hey! I just wanted to reach out and let you know the Yesterweb amended our rule about not sharing personal info. The main reason for putting that in there is because of how certain small internet places (like 4chan) have a habit of using people's personal information against them (doxxing, etc.) You are free to share - at your own risk - please don't give the mods heart attacks by sharing your address or anything hahaha

i finally played wordle. i tried a 10 letter version and it kicked my ass 🥵

trying SO HARD to get a zine article out in time for the release but I am so so so blocked 😭

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I’m grateful to have found the Yesterweb.

I’ve been concerned about big tech, privacy, and the future of the web for a while but my IRL friends look at me like a conspiracy nut whenever I try to talk about it.

It’s nice to be part of a community that takes it seriously.

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