When Cass was a sophomore, planned to go to Swarthmore
But she changed her mind one day

The more I think about this, the more true and funny it is:

"You don't want to join any club that would have you as a member."

I don't know who popularized that quote.

Whenever there are strange Internet outages like this, I think to myself, must be a reconfiguration of the backbone for some kind of surveillance or control.

Was that the same cat walking by twice, or a different cat?

Weird sporadic net outages for the last 16 hours here, both local and distant.

Intriguing. I keep thinking, what's up now?

TFW you're sloppy on the CAPTCHA because you know that careful or not, you're doing at least three screens of them.

I want to be a machine
Checking all my systems on a 7" TFT Screen
Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me
Can't you see?

I like to operate in life as if nobody cares what my opinion is or if I even have one.

It works OK.

Respect the spouse, however.

Today is the last day of early voting for an election primary in my county.

One of the candidates has faced felony charges in the past.

Sounds OK to me. 😀

I have an unexpected Friday off and almost don't know how to act. Feels nice since the work shift that got dropped was looking to be tough.

Starting the day with a giant Caffè Americano. A real favorite. ☕

I wish I could vacation in Collinsport.

Relax in the tomb, have a cocktail at the Blue Whale, hang out with Barnabas. 🧛🦇

If you're feeling adventurous this weekend, did you know Thunderbird has a regularly updated Beta version?

Thunderbird Beta software is:
☑️ Fully localized in dozens of languages (hopefully yours!)
☑️ Available for Windows, macOS and Linux
☑️ Packed with the newest features and bug fixes
☑️ Stable

You can download it from here:

There is a song called "Like a G6" that I've heard for years. I have no idea WTH they are talking about in it.

When my spouse and I hear it, we just change the words to "we like the cheese sticks."

We used to be in the club chanting: "cheese sticks, we like the cheese sticks" because we do like cheese sticks.

The young Elon Musk looks a bit like Beaver Cleaver.

We got up about 10 and had Bojangles biscuits. Now you know.

TFW when you hardly try on the picking out of the grainy motorbuses and seaplanes because you know you're doing three screens of them regardless of if you're sloppy or careful.

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