I made a forum signature maker in JS~ sadgrl.online/graphics/forum-s 👀 I wonder why I would need such a thing.... :shstar:

I have (but rarely, currently) use escargot.chat MSN messenger, so feel free to add me: techramancer@escargot.chat

Long ago, I had an idea of a Little Nemo: The Dream Master sequel where Nemo lost but survives and is saved by the scepter, but is aged by 7 years stuck in a nightmare until the scepter saves him. You then travel the worlds you previously finished and defeat the nightmare minions. Recently made this animation from that idea. You shoot dream blasts from your hands and empower items as weapons from each stage. Would be more combat oriented than the original.

So I think what I like most about cyberpunk and the way the worlds are usually portrayed is that they're always nighttime and it's dark out. Even with all the flashy lights, I like when there's no giant ball of flame in the sky giving my eyes the hurts.

Created a game for Gelli Jam via Itch.io, called Gelli Tower. If you play it, I apologize for the music. 😂


peep this awesome video about the small web! it mentions us a bunch <3 youtu.be/rTSEr0cRJY8

I am a carboi once again! New bulbs, new left turn lever, and new electrical relay! Only CAD$414.14, which is pretty cheap for car repairs lol

Battery replaced in my car so it is once again alive with the sound of reckoning!

Weighed in at 241.6 lbs today, making a total loss of 43 lbs. since May 12021. I'm finally starting to really notice it in my body too. :catsmile:

"Where to Start?" 2022
Where I came from, where I went, and where I'm at. (warning, references mental health and eating disorders)


Oof the last two days I've been bad for eating.

Gotta quit being a big dumbo lol

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