"Where to Start?" 2022
Where I came from, where I went, and where I'm at. (warning, references mental health and eating disorders)


Oof the last two days I've been bad for eating.

Gotta quit being a big dumbo lol

Decided to make a graphic for the site. Is the Book of Techramancy

Car part ordered, should hopefully be here by the 10th, and then hopefully have working low beams the following week, fingers crossed!

Fun fact about your resident techramancer: I obsess over lore. I love lore. Lore is best.

It's a new year, same me. Just gotta keep rollin' with the punches. And by rollin' I mean hobbling around, and by punches I mean, well, like, punches but with very little effort and not at all correct form.

Knee stretches!! Checked out some lovely videos with some knee strengthening/stretching exercises, and tried them out, and they feel a lot better. Now I just have to convince/remind myself to do them daily. Then hopefully one day again I can go down the stairs without my left knee essentially wanting to give out on me.


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