tw pet death 

my cat Spirit has finally passed. i haven't been mentally prepared to talk about his death until now. he had a second wind was able to live another week and a family tried to make him as happy & comfortable as possible during his final days.

i found this funny picture of him as a kitten--i doodled on it in Paint Shop Pro on my dad's computer, lol. but i think it's cute.

i miss him.....

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It would be just terrible if anyone planning to engage in protests or civil disobedience soon had access to these tools...

VPN services:
Private search:
Tor browser:

I also hear all the cool kids are buying retro style prepaid phones. Maybe they're also worth a look? 🤔

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The other day I released some new songs on my bandcamp! Help me out by sharing it 😀

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I've been quiet about it because I always am but WELCOME NEW FEDIVERSE USERS?!?

The Fediverse is a real social network with real humans and not a "content aggregator" please make yourself comfy with your new pals!

Also if you have an iPhone or iPad I highly recommend the app "Toot!"

Pet sickness / death 

I’ve been away from the internet for the past few days because my cat Spirit is dying. He’s 18 years old and has been fighting kidney disease/liver failure for a long time now…but his condition suddenly took a nose dive this week.

I haven’t been able to stop crying. Feels like losing a childhood friend who’s watched you grow up. I’m closing a door on a large part of my life.

Just trying to keep him comfortable rn. His brother Juju won’t leave his side.

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wowow! @cinni your interview was so good! i loved hearing about you getting started creating virtual worlds @_@ if you haven't heard it yet, listen to the interview here on the yesterweb radio:

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going live in like ~20ish minutes to play some Rollercoaster Tycoon!! i've installed OpenRCT2 and i'm messing with a bunch of custom objects/mods. come hang out and watch me build, if ya want...!!

lrt....holy shit....i had plans to stream that eventually. rip 😭

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I’m going to start streaming again this weekend!!! I can’t wait to debut my new overlays~ :shstar:

I’ll be going live tomorrow night for sure, but I might even do something Sunday night if I can manage it !

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close the software, its getting a little chilly in here

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Thank you for the concern + kind words about my living situation, everyone! I really appreciate you 🙏🏻 I’m back home for now, trying to get my life back on track after all of the drama this weekend brought

this has been the longest weekend of my life. My dads behavior is becoming unpredictable—idk what’s gotten into him, but he’s become more unhinged than usual.

He tried to kick my mom and I out of the house on Friday. We fled with only a few bags (forgot so much stuff) and spent the night at my aunts house.

we’re back home for now, but I’m trying to help my mom finish up her divorce paperwork. With my dad getting so aggressive now, I’m scared for the future… 😢

FINALLY!!! i've had to watch so many youtube tutorials to make this happen, but...i've finally learned how to make an interactive overlay for twitch streaming~!!!✨ :shstar:

this screen is just for chatting, i have to make another one for gameplay next

i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;w;

I…I want to make an AMV……

(Also, hi lol. I haven’t been online much. I have an ear infection rn)

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RIP Steven Wilhite, inventor of the GIF (which, he insisted, is pronounced /dʒɪf/).

> In the [2013] Times interview, Wilhite said that one of his favorite GIFs is the dancing baby meme, which went viral before “memes” and “going viral” were widely used terms.

(h/t @Nezchan) #news #RIP #gif 🐘

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