In just a few short months, I will pass a birthday that makes me halfway to the avg life expectancy for men in the US.

It didn’t trigger a midlife crisis as much as led to me feeling even more tired and sad thinking about doing ~this~ for another lifetime.

My brain absolutely refuses to work with me this week. Talking is hard. Thinking is spotty. I just want to curl up and sleep

I am so tired all the time but sleep like absolute shit. Halp.

The shortcut is always to blame media or pop-culture (music, movies, games), but the fault lies at home. And that fault line can be traced right back to an education built around thoughtless memorization & standardized tests.

Children are “but why?” machines. Telling them “because I said so” isn’t an answer; it kills their curiosity and handicaps their ability to think critically.

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A recent convo reminded me of a thought I haven’t expounded on fully yet… but, I’ll try to summarize it here:

One of the unique challenges of raising kids is teaching another human about morals & ethics. My cousins fell back on religion bc they didn’t know better. Others do nothing & raise monsters.

But our educational system does nothing to help us prepare for something like this & neither does mainstream religion. Thus, we have generations of idiot monsters roaming amongst us.

It’s weird to like my job. Like… waking up isn’t awful in the morning? What’s up with that?!

It’s wild to think that stuff I’m working on is seen by 30M+ users… is it cool in-game stuff? No. But everyone has to login and authenticate their account.

It’s so funny to me when kids are bragging about having the top DPS as a tank class in Overwatch when the rest of their team can’t stay alive.

You winning that medal doesn’t mean damage or health sucked, it means you didn’t do your job. And complaining about it in chat job means you’re too dumb to realize that.

It’s wild that a company posted this on LinkedIn as if it’s changing the world. If it’s after 5pm you will hear back from me tomorrow.

And I block my schedule whenever I want to focus bc only setting aside 2 out of 40 hours to do that is insane (it’s just 5% of the work week).

Capitalism is fucked y’all.

Hospitals need to add an arcade area for people who are waiting around forever. And I’m not just saying that because I’m bored at a hospital right now. But also, I’m doing that very thing.

All these companies paying for employees bail and to go out of state for abortions need to start paying lobbyists to fight back against asshats like the Koch brothers

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So one of the biggest issues with AR headsets is the brightness of UI elements struggling to beat the sun.

Two questions:

1. Why hasn’t anyone used sunglasses or transitions lenses yet?
2. Why not do simple VR with external cameras showing users their environment?

It feels crazy to be asking this on here, but have either been tested?

Keep telling myself the certification is worth it but honestly not so sure at this point lol

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These all day lectures might be killing me, but at least I’m passing the exams.

Doing an online conference for work this week. Seven hours of zoom plus an exam at the end of each day… it’s a lot. I need a weekend between each day tbh

Is there anything better than dancing to old fallout boy alone, post-shower, with a towel wrapped around your waist? No. The answer is no.

Why is it almost 100F in Wisconsin this week? Did the boomers really fuck is that hard? Ugh

Has anyone looked into the creator of BitCoin as potentially being the creation of an evil time-traveler that's threatening our future via climate change?

Did anyone get a ransom note or something weird? Maybe check again to be safe.

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