When the shooting at Columbine happened the world basically screeched to a stop. It was all the news covered. Movies were made about it. Rich schools installed metal detectors overnight.

Now a shooting happens and I don’t hear about it for hours.

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I grew up hiding under desks bc the Russians had nukes constantly aimed at us, not because a neighbor owned too many guns and was ready to end it all.

Just got my blood drawn and slammed some food at the hospital cafeteria so I didn’t pass out while waiting on my prescriptions. Wish they had some of those nap pods somewhere.

How do I apply for a sabbatical from like everything?

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The site is a work-in-progress, but this journal entry explains why it (and this account) exists.


The first time I heard about Tudum was when Netflix announced it’s laying everyone off and closing the site down.

Maybe don’t invest in a thing if you aren’t gonna promote it at all.

I feel so old but 9pm is starting to feel like bedtime these days.

A centipede just dropped on me from the ceiling and now I’ll never be able to sleep ever again

I love that after being asked real questions about moderation and realizing “free speech” is different globally, dogecoin daddy decided to pause his bird site purchase.

Fuck billionaires.

I hate waking up like you just finished a nap when you were really just trying to go to bed super early.

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I am kind of like a stablecoin, in that we are both extremely unstable

Why does Google keep trying to make a circular smartwatch? So much of the info is cut off until it’s dead-center of the screen.

Give up and make a fucking squircle like everyone else. There’s a reason that shape won.

I’ve gained like 40lbs since starting antidepressants and am honestly wondering if I’d rather feel suicidal as this summer heat is starting to ramp up.

I’m happy for my partner and the work needs to be done. And seasons happen.

I’m just really feeling it in the ole autism, I guess.

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My stress is through the roof. My partner quit their job, a stranger is coming over to do work on the house tomorrow, and my allergies are acting up bc it’s finally spring (and the house is warm so I can’t sleep nearly as well).

I don’t like change.

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For context: She kicked me out when I came out of the closet… and to keep me from telling people (dad specifically), offered to help pay for rent and food expenses; which I accepted bc it was post-2008 and no one would hire me or rent to me.

Oh, and it’s not like she got better at parenting with experience! My younger brother attempted suicide half a dozen times and she decided it must be that he’s gay.

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I can’t even wish mom a happy Mother’s Day without her turning on the weird guilt trip bullshit. 😐🫥👻

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